Your Doctor Said….Ask Second Opinion

Your Doctor Said….Ask Second Opinion

Your Doctor Said….Ask Second Opinion    In my practice, it’s so common to see when MDs cannot well treat diseases, there are four common conclusions:

  1. Inherent: Like DM II, the actuality is the diet, habits, etc. caused it. Family is highly having the tendency to copy from parents such as eating a rich meal at a later time before sleep that the digested nutrient glucose cannot be sent to the right place to store due to falling in sleep and become floated in the blood.

    In this case, change dinner time to eat earlier, DM II has gone. It’s not like inherent to have no way to eliminate the DM II.

  2. Cancer: I had a patient he was not a cancer patient. But, his MD has no solution and explained to him about why every month needs to withdraw a pint of blood. His MD treated him with chemotherapy. He became a cancer patient eventually. This patient was supposed to be my potential partner to improve the US economy. Due to he became a cancer patient, let me spend big money to learn how to treat cancer and hard to treat diseases. It induced me to step in deeply knowing all kinds medical mistakes.

    In Chinese medicine, this case is simple and easy to treat and can be well treated in a month originally.

    Please read Treat Withdraw Extra Blood Every Month.

  3. Autoimmune disease: For example, I had a patient due to her had phlegm in her lungs. So, she craved for spicy foods. The spice foods added too much heat in her body. Her body pushed the extra heat going out of her body through many small red rashes. Her MD does not know the etiology. Prescribed her autoimmune drugs. Her situation only got worse. She came to me. Only three treatments, her rashes gone and did not crave spicy foods after the second treatment.
  4. Mental diseases: A funny example was a nurse visited me on a cruise ship. She had years knee pain. Her served MD has no way to relive her knee pain and wanted to cut off part of her liver due to he thinks her liver problem that has caused her knee pain. If she refused the surgery, her MD wants to put mental disorder on her chart. That will affect her career and lost her income. So, she visited me to give a try. Only one treatment, her knee pain went away.

Through my practice, I can see so many funny things that even medical professionals make mistakes.

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