What will be expected during treatment?

The idea case will be feel energy flow inside the body. That means the improvement is started and the patient can feel improvement during the treatment. Some patients have very dull sensitivity, though they do not feel energy flow no matter how acupuncturist manipulate the needle, they will still feel the benefit during or after the treatment. Some even feels the benefit after one or two days. However, some patients have colder body temperature or have too many toxins accumulated inside the body, and they need more treatments to get the full benefit.

In most cases, patients will feel a heaviness or soreness (lactic acid accumulated at the site) or in the most severe cases, numbness. But don’t worry – it means the site has energy blockage and when the blockage is opened up gradually, the heaviness and/or numbness will gradually go away.

Depends on the acupuncturists skill and/or concept, some acupuncturists like to relieve patients sickness quicker, they are used to use stronger sensation techniques to save patients’ time and money.

Still, there are patients do not like strong stimulation or their body constitution is weak cannot handle strong stimulation, in this case, through communication with the acupuncturist, the treatment can be adjusted.Why can’t I eat spicy foods, drink alcohol or eat sesame oil for three days after treatment?

Acupuncture re-balances your energy flow through the body. These foods interrupt your energy flow direction.

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