What should I do for my acupuncture session?

1)    Do not be shy or polite: Communicate with your acupuncturist during treatment. Report ANY discomforts from coldness to dizziness to pain.

2)    Wear comfortable, loose clothing to your session. Your treatment time is valuable to both you and the acupuncturist. Please do not waste time making the acupuncturist wait for you or requiring the acupuncturist to help you to dress or undress.

3)    Collaborate with the acupuncturist by:

  • Report all your drugs and supplements including drug names and dosage.
  • Report when your sickness developed, its current status, what makes it worse and better, when you feel worse, etc.
  • Turn off your cellular phone when entering the clinic. If you really need to talk, please go outside to talk.
  • Follow the diet that the acupuncturist requests you to follow. Acupuncturists may ask you to avoid star fruit, cut down on fruit or other foods. If you refuse to do so, you destroy treatment effectiveness or even reverse the positive effects.
  • Do the exercises that your acupuncturist requests you to do. It speeds up your recovery time.
  • Change the lifestyle that your acupuncturist requested you to do to avoid sickness.
  • Be on time for your treatment to avoid loss of treatment time or wasting other people’s time.

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