What should I do before I go to an acupuncture clinic?

Besides make your appointment, you are better

1)    Do not skip meal. During the treatment, all of the energy flow are coming from stomach. If there is no food in your stomach, you r brain will compete to get the nutrition with the needles induced energy flow. Therefore, you will feel not comfortable.

2)    If you’ve had discomfort from acupuncture treatment, say so! Occasionally, some patients experience coldness/shivering, dizziness, light headaches, or even faintness. Acupuncturists work with you to reduce any discomforts. If you don’t report pain or discomfort, not only will the discomfort continue but it could also cause a latent fear of needles or other severe consequence.

3)    Do not overeat. Especially when you have spleen deficiency, your energy will be all used up by your spleen to do digestion. Therefore, you will have the above stated discomfort sensations.

4)    Do not get thirst before or after acupuncture treatment. Drink water when it’s needed.

5)    Don’t consume alcohol. Alcohol will pull the body’s energy flow strongly against the needle’s directed energy flow. You will not get positive results.

6)    Get a good night’s rest. Don’t start acupuncture if you feel exhausted. Acupuncture relies on the body’s energy flow and uses energy to improve your health. If you’re tired, your body will want to rest, and the restful state will keep the positive energy effects of acupuncture at a minimum. Your tired body will work against the acupuncture treatment and generate discomfort sensations.

7)    Start acupuncture in a relaxed state. If you have to drive or travel a long way to receive treatment and the drive is stressful, rest and calm yourself a bit before beginning your session.

8)    Relax after treatment. Don’t overexert yourself. Your body needs some time to do self-adjustments.

9)    Avoid high-stress situations. Acupuncture can help calm you from everyday stress. But if you’ve experienced a severely high-stress situation, wait until your emotions have returned to normal. Avoid emotional disturbances before and after treatment.

10) Avoid intercourse before and after acupuncture.

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