What patients need to do?

  • Do not be shy or polite, communicate with your acupuncturist during the treatment for any discomfort sensation.
  • Dress or undress to make more convenience for your acupuncturist to do your treatment. The treatment time is valuable to both of you and the acupuncturist. Please do not waste time to let the acupuncturist to wait for you or help you to dress or undress. Wear short paints are usually helping acupuncturists to put needles below the knee. Wear looser clothes are also good.
  • Collaborate with the acupuncturist by
    Giving clear information for your name, address, contact information include emergency contact information and other needed information. Show your ID to the front desk.
    Giving enough information such as drugs and supplements’ name, dosage and time to take; When your sickness developed, how is the status, what makes it worse and better, when do you feel worse, etc.
  • Turning off your cellar phone when entering the clinic in order for not disturb your treatment and or the other’s treatment. If you really need to talk, please go outside of the clinic to talk.
  • Following the diet that your acupuncturist requested you to follow. Such as avoid star fruit and cut down fruit and clod dink/food intake if you have kidney failure.  If you refuse to do so, you just cut the treatment effectiveness or even reverse the positive treatment result and extend your treatment period.
  • Follow your acupuncturist’s instruction to take herbs if herbs are prescribed.
  • Doing the exercises that your acupuncturist requested you to do. It speed up your recovery time.
  • Changing the lifestyle that your acupuncturist requested you to do to avoid sickness.
  • Being on time for your treatment to avoid lost your treatment time or waste the other people’s time.

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