What are differences between an excellent acupuncturist and one who is not?

“What are differences between an excellent acupuncturist and one who is not?” is a common question:

One patient told me that from your consultation, you have big different with my previous acupuncturist that you look my whole body’s health. Another patient told me that “I cannot hide my emotion and my sickness from you no matter how hard I covered them.” …. Correct diagnosis is the foundation for correct treatments and recovery.

There are hug differences in practice:

Excellent                                        vs   Others
Rich experience aid diagnosis   vs ask for expensive test
Survive                                           vs death
No surgery                                     vs surgery needed
Prevent happen again                 vs repeated same situation
Recover sooner                             vs longer treatment
Overall improvement                  vs ride off symptoms only
Teach you knowledge                  vs no explanation
Hardly do discount/insurance  vs always discount price & accept insurance (some kind
and excellent acupuncturists who has assets also do so
for low income patients)
No cheating for price                   vs low price attract in & ended with high overall cost
Try different ways to treat          vs keep the same to get temporary improvement
when sickness is lingering
(more than 2~3 times same)
Always improve him/herself    vs no extra investment to do self polish
except continue education

There is a saying for an excellent performance artist that one minute perform on the stag ought to spend 10 years effort to practice. It’s the same for healthcare providers that well conquer a sickness needs 10 years hard input effort.  It becomes an art for TCM treatments.

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