Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

  • Weight Loss

    Feel very relaxed – Lighter already. Thank you.

    By Edma Jeergens at NCL Spirit On 1/22/2007

  • Weight Loss

    The loose weight treatment at the beginning, I wasn’t sure about if it will work or not. But after I had the treatment, I didn’t feel like having snacks between the meals and during the meals just need small portion to feel satisfy. It really works. I lost 5 pounds in one week. It was amazing.AGAIN THANKS TO MISS FRIEDA for everything!!!!!By Jennt Hedez Morn at Golden Princess, October 2008

  • Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Weight Loss-

    Improvement in kidney right away.
    -Found that I was eating less
    -Very hard to lose weight on ship. I’m sure I will loss at home on regular diet and exercise.
    -Enjoyed treatment and the chance to try acupuncture. THANK YOU.

    By Sue Ettadley from Los Angeles on 11/20/07

  • Frieda provided acupuncture treatment to help me with weight loss, pain and digestive problems.

    After 3 treatments, my pain was decreasing; I had better control of my appetite and I did not crave as much carbohydrates. I believe more treatments would have provided me with more pain relief. I do recommend acupuncture for other people suffering from these problems.

    By Sheila Gilliam at Ms. Zaandam, Holland America on 1/4/10

  • After only two sessions, my abdomen feels much tighter and my sinuses are much improved. I have more energy and feel great.

    By Bruce D Ross on 5-6-09

  • Weight Loss

    Acupuncture relieved a number of chronic symptoms including sleep problems and joint pain, stimulated the organs to work more efficiently throughout my whole body has led to a sense of well being and increased energy.

    By Gwynne DeLong at NCL Spirit on 1/25/07

  • Stress/Allergy/Back/Weight Loss

    After first treatment I feel a lot least tensed. After second treatment, feel much more relaxed and energized. Do not want to over eat. Feel much more relieved from the allergy and back.

    By Rosemarie Da Roza from USA on 12-20-08

  • Stress, Detoxification, Weight Loss, Anxiety

    I came to see Frieda having been experiencing extreme stress, depression, anxiety and hormonal imbalance. After the first treatment for stress, I felt as if a delight had been lifted from my heart and soul.

    For the first time in a very long time, I felt happy and calm and full of hope. And it just got better and better. I began to feel that my heart was stronger and beating as it should. I had been not sleeping well and having to urinate 4 times a night.

    After the first treatment, I slept well and only needed to urinate one to two times per night. I found I had much more stamina and could go up & down stairs without any difficulty or having a problem breathing.

    After Frieda balanced my hormones, I noticed a tremendous difference. I felt like I used to feel a long time ago. I was happy, laughing, calm and at rest. I felt as though she saved my life and the treatments were easy and relaxing.

    I would definitely recommend acupuncture to everyone I know. I also stopped having problems with constipation, and my extreme craving for sweets lessened tremendously.

    Each time I had been to my doctor, he just continued to give me more & more pills, which only seemed to make me worse. I thank God for Frieda and her love of people & desire to improve our lives. She was a God send to me!!!

    By Rhonda Gayhart from USA at Carnival Pride on Oct. 17, 2009

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