LUPUS and Breast Cancer Prevention

LUPUS and Breast Cancer Prevention

LUPUS and Breast Cancer Prevention talks about how to prevent LUPUS and  breast cancer.

As we learned from the previous articles about the normal female menstruation flow, deviated menstruation flow caused by heart health problems, early sign of heart diseases, LUPUS symptoms, heart and blood vessels problems, in order to prevent LUPUS and breast cancer, the key is to have a healthy heart. If you find early signs of lupus and breast cancer, you’d better start treatment.

Actually, lupus and breast cancer are preventable. According to Chinese medicine, you can help prevent lupus and breast cancer by taking the following actions:

  1. Do not intake: Estrogen, Milk, Vitamins, Processed Food and Chemicals
    1. Estrogen: Estrogen has been officially declared a cancer-causing agent by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).
    2. Milk: Cow’s milk is meant to feed newborn cattle. The commercial process of inducing cows to produce milk non-stop affects the health value of the milk. Cow’s milk contains estrogen and most commercially-produced milk contains added hormones and antibiotics. Refer to Corydon Ireland-Harvard News Office for more information: (
    3. Vitamins: Excess vitamins feed cancer cells, virus and bacteria. Vitamins can penetrate cancer cells, bacteria and virus wall to feed them.
    4. Processed Food: Processed food lacks nutrients found in its whole food counterparts, and also contains additional, artificial chemicals and fillers that can damage your health.
    5. Chemicals: Foreign artificial substances and chemicals are not meant to be processed by the human body. They can be toxic to the liver and many other body organs.
  2. Monitor your body’s cycles and patterns. Watch your menstrual cycles for regularity. Watch your bowel movement cycles and avoid constipation. If you need to apply force for your bowel movement, you are constipated. If your menstrual cycle becomes abnormal (too early, too late, too light or heavy), view this as an early warning sign of other health problems such as lupus or breast cancer.
  3. If you notice any of these early signs of health problems or heart disease, get a good acupuncturist to address the root problem(s) as soon as possible.
  4. Take responsibility for your health. Learn about your body, the causes of illness and cancer, how to avoid long-term disease, and the best ways to treat diseases. Meanwhile, when needed, get the right treatments and practice preventative care.
  5. Nurture good thoughts and a peaceful mind. According to Chinese medicine, emotional health affects physical health. Mindful thinking can help you avoid long-term health problems, and an anxious, restless mind can make illnesses worse. Try to have a peaceful mind, to give to others, to think positively, and think creatively.
  1. Simplify your life and your material possessions. Strive for wisdom instead.
  2. Do good Deeds: Donation or volunteer to help the other people.
  3. Do no overextend yourself. Don’t create excess stress,
  4. Keep happy and clam.

In addition, please notice that,

  1. In Chinese Medicine, if a person has balanced and healthy organs (these are the kidney, liver, heart, spleen and lungs), a person will not experience deviated hormone secretion.
  2. When early signs of heart diseases appear, it increases one’s chances for lupus or breast cancer. You must to take early action and look for a good acupuncturist to address your warning signs before it’s too late.

If anyone or everyone can follow above mentioned, then, everyone will be have a healthy heart that he/she is always happy and smile. It’s the time to

If you follow the above rules, you’re more likely to have a healthy heart and a happier life. It’s the time to say goodbye to lupus and breast cancer. Let’s Work For It!

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