Use Sound to Treat Organs

Use Sound to Treat Organs

Use Sound to Treat Organs: Chinese medicine used different sound to treat different organs. Please read Five Organs Detoxification Exercises. That uses sounds to detoxify the five solid organs of kidney, liver, heart, spleen and lungs.

Today, I want to share my friend Dr. Zhen Yang shared use different phrase’ sound to treat different solid organs. Please read loudly or yield them out. They work well. They were originated by Wang, Feng Yi or called Wang Shan Ren (1864-1937).

kidney: 柔和 ……róu hé
liver    : 有主意…yǒu  zhǔ yì
heart  : 明理……míng lǐ
spleen: 信實……xìn  shí
lungs  : 響亮……xiǎng  liàng

Application examples:

  1. Case One: A female had a big fight with someone. She was very mad and felt heart was not right. Dr. Zhen Yang let her follow to yield loudly:wǒ míng lǐ, wǒ róu hé; wǒ míng lǐ, wǒ róu hé; …… repeated for half hour until fell in sleep. The second day, she was fine.
  2. Case Two: An elderly got stroke, his lower limb was paralyzed. Dr. Zhen Yang taught his son to use the original point to treat him. Then, he could move his limbs. When he could talk, let him repeated to read loudly míng lǐ, róu hé; míng lǐ, róu hé;……repeated. The next day, he could walk out to buy milk. He repeated to read loudly míng lǐ, róu hé; míng lǐ, róu hé;……. Days later, he could buy a 50 kg rice bag and brought back home by himself.Note: For different organ caused stroke, the sounds will be used differently.

There are ways to treat physical problems without drugs, herbs or acupuncture. The universe is full of miracles for your reference.


  1. Wang, Feng Yi was an illiteracy farmer. He promoted the importance of the female education and set up more than seven hundred non-profit schools in China for female to accept free education.He was also the first one who used the ethic building to treat diseases. He talked human relationships, i.e. the Five Cardinal Relationships of the Chinese culture to treat diseases.
  2. In fact, a housewife’s happiness maintains a family’s happiness. Her health and mood during pregnancy affects one or even multiple fetus’s health. In addition, especially in childhood during the age of forming his personality that affects the life of the kid, the kid is closed to mother. The mother as a child’s primary caregiver, plays a very important role for the child.Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to a female’s education and her health and happiness in order to construct a healthy community.

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