Self-Make Mouth Mask

Self-Make Mouth Mask

Self-Make Mouth Mask It’s simple and easy. If you lost your job, you can use it to make an income.

Make your own mouth mask if it’s too expensive to get one or cannot get one

The world is falling in fear and helpless. Many countries did not have the SARS experience, it makes COVID-19 widespread. Please follow your government’s defense COVID-19 SOP to avoid group gatherings, wash hands with soap often, must wear a mouth mask when going out with crowd people area or close to talk to people and/or make your own mouth mask: It’s how Taiwan can well control COVID-19 not be wide-spreading.

  1. DIY Homemade Surgical Face Mask 3:14
  2. How to SEW a Medical FACE MASK // TUTORIAL 6:19–BOyTiU
  3. Hand made 14:21
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