Dr. Zhen Yang’s Email: Fighting COVID-19 with Prescribed Classic Formulas

Dr. Zhen Yang’s Email: Fighting COVID-19 with Prescribed Classic Formulas

Dr. Zhen Yang’s Email: Fighting COVID-19 with Prescribed Classic Formulas It’s Dr. Zhen Yang’s Feb 28, 2020 email with the classic formulas used to Frieda. Dr. Zhen Yang shares the COVID-19 100% cured and discharged from China’s hospital. Below are Frieda’s translation and notes from the original email.

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Break the ultimate hardcore!

China’s country-level hospital admitted 26 COVID-19 patients, 100% cured and discharged them. The reason behind the mystery: God always rewards well-prepared people!

Since January 21, 2020, Tongxu People’s County Hospital (通許人民縣醫院) has treated 26 cases one after another of fever patients who returning home town from Wuhan and other places. Among them, 4 cases were diagnosed with COVID-19, including one severe case. Patients were discharged after treating one after another. The severe COVID-19 patient was discharged on February 14. With the last confirmed patient discharged from the hospital on the afternoon of February 18th. All patients admitted to Tongxu People’s County Hospital were cured and discharged!

In addition, there were no patients who were from a mild case turns to severe cases during the anti-epidemic period. There were no infections among 1,250 medical staff in the hospital. All discharged patients met the national discharge standards issued by the National Health and Medical Commission’s Notice on Printing and Distributing Pneumonia of COVID-19 Infection.

February 9th, Dr. Tang, Ying, Director of Infectious Diseases wrote an article to reveal the anti-epidemic Tips: All confirmed and suspected patients have recovered, and the hospital’s 1,000 employees have zero infection! (Click to read the link in the beginning.) After reprinting by the three well-known media in the first issue, the number of clicks is estimated at nearly 10 million hits. Other media reprints or article citations are expected to have tens of millions! It has caused widespread concern across the country. Yesterday’s rare special report from the People’s Daily:

Treatment experience sharing

Taking advantage of the theory of typhoid fever and miscellaneous diseases (《伤寒杂病论》Shan Han Za Bing Lun) of the TCM classic formulas’ principle of “quick, ruthless, and accurate” is used to take medicine as soon as possible to prevent mild turning to severe illness. The details listed below:


According to the risk assessment of infection, all staff in the hospital take different formulas to prevent the disease, and the whole area lit the wormwood (processed Folium Artemisiae Argi) for epidemic prevention.

Processed Folium Artemisiae Argi

Treatment principles

Must be “ruthless”: Use medicines fiercely, because the disease progresses faster. Must use fierce medicines to quickly control the progress of the disease.

  1. Must be “quick”: Prepare the decoction in advance. Let the patient take “immediate” according to the condition.
  2. Must be “ruthless”: Use medicines fiercely, because the disease progresses fast. Must use fierce medicines to quickly control the progress of the disease.
  3. Must be “precise”: First, the medication must be accurate; The second is to judge the progress of the next disease accurately to reflect the importance and necessity of traditional Chinese medicine treatment treating before sick.

Treatment method

  1. If the body temperature is above 37.8 ℃, give Daqinglong Tang decoction (大青龍湯).
  2. If the body temperature is below 37.8 ℃, give Gegen Decoction plus Fu Ling (茯苓, Sclerotium Poriae Cocos) and Bai Zhu (白术, Radix Atractylodis Macrocephalae).
  3. If there is no change in chest imaging, add Shegan Mahuang Tang decoction (射干麻黄湯).
  4. If chest imaging changes, add Zeqi Tang decoction (泽漆汤) and Fuling Sini Tang decoction (茯苓四逆湯).
  5. If the cough sounds heavy, and turbidity, add Qianjin Weijing Tang decoction (千金葦莖湯)
  6. For an irritating dry cough, add Linggan Wuwei Jiangxin Banxia Xinren Tang decoction (苓甘五味姜辛半夏杏仁湯)
  7. If the patient gets the upper body hot and lower body cold, add suitable amount Pao Fuzi (炮附子, heat-processed aconite i.e. Radix Aconiti Praeparata)
  8. If nausea, add modified Xiao Chai Hu Tang decoction (小柴胡汤加减 or called小柴胡汤變方):

The above are the basic ideas and usage. Based on the specific conditions to modify appropriately.

Frieda’s note: Did not verify the prescriptions are in decoction form or in powder or capsule form to serve. However, based on the common sense in TCM,

  1. Decoction treatment cooking in the tea form is faster and more powerful than the powder. China has machines to cook an herbal formula prescription as an herbal tea and seal them in bags.
  2. The fast effect sequence is decoction > powder > capsule > tablet > pill.
  3. A modified formula can be either mild change the ingredient(s) or the dosage or both.

Confirmed patient treatment records

Case number one

Last name Geng, female, 38 years old, with the chief complaint of “pharyngeal soreness for 5 days, itching throat, cough, and fever for a half-day.” She was admitted at 18:47 on January 21, 2020, Her body temperature was 38.5 ° C. Then, she was given oral Daqinglong Tang Decoction.

On the 23rd, the complete chest CT showed inflammation of both lower lungs. Shegan Mahuang Tang decoction (射干麻黃湯) and Qianjin Weijing Tang decoction (千金葦莖湯) were given.

On the 24th, a review of the chest CT and the previous film showed no obvious changes. The formula was changed to Fuling Sini Tang (茯苓四逆湯) decoction and Ze Qi Tang (澤漆湯) decoction.

On the 25th, the nucleic acid test was positive. According to the treatment guidelines issued by the government, Kelizhi was given 2 tablets of q12h for oral application. The patient developed diarrhea. So, it was discontinued. And the Fuling Sini Tang decoction and Ze Qi Tang (澤漆湯) decoction treatment continued. The patient’s condition gradually improved.

On Jan 31st, and February 2nd, both nucleic acid tests were negative. The patient’s body temperature kept normal for 9 days. Her respiratory symptoms were significantly relieved, and the CT of the lung was obviously absorbed.

After a doctors’ consultation in Kaifeng, she was discharged from the hospital.

Case two

Last name Liu, male, 39 years old, was admitted to the hospital at 11:42 on January 24, 2020, with the chief complaint of “fever, nasal congestion, and dizziness for 2 days.” He had given Gegen Tang (葛根湯) decoction.

The patient had a recurrent fever. On the 26th, added Daqinglong Tang (大青龍湯) decoction for him,

The patient’s body temperature dropped on the 29th. His prescription changed to be Ze Qi Tang (澤漆湯) decoction.

On February 1st, the patient developed nausea and discomfort. add modified Xiao Chai Hu Tang decoction (小柴胡汤變方).

On the 4th, the patient complained of cough and throat itching, adjusted formulas to be Linggan Wuwei Jiangxin Banxia Xinren Tang decoction (苓甘五味姜辛半夏杏仁湯) and Ze Qi Tang (澤漆湯) decoction.

On the 8th, his nucleic acid test was negative. Later, his every 24 hours repeated nucleic acid tests were negative too. The patient’s body temperature kept normal for 10 days. In addition, his respiratory symptoms improved significantly.

After a doctor’s consultation in Kaifeng, he was discharged from the hospital.

The specific prevention methods, diagnoses, and treatment experiences have been reported in this media. You can refer to it if you are interested.

The story behind the results: God has always rewarded prepared people!

The Tongxu People’s Hospital as a county-level 2nd A (二甲) class hospital, why can they achieve such good results in the critical time?

As early as October 24, 2018, the “Ni Haixia Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Heritage Training Base” of Tongxu People’s Hospital was unveiled. Prof. Ni, Hai-sha, L.Ac., the appointed heir of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Li, Zongen (李宗根博士), and Prof. Ni’s disciple, Dr. Zhen Yang (楊貞醫師), were hired as consultant instructors.

The opening ceremony

Under the Dean of the Hospital’s leadership, more than 100 medical staff in the hospital studied Prof. Ni, Hai-sha’s classic traditional Chinese medicine prescription system. The instructor, Dr. Zhen Yang (Prof. Ni’s disciple), did ask to pay a penny. She came to the hospital many times for more than half a year.

In accordance with the concept of “Traditional Chinese Medicine as the core, Western Medicine as the supplement”, the hospital conducts “Western medicine learns Chinese medicine” activities, implements traditional Chinese medicine concepts in the practice of conventional western medicine treatments, and regularly uses traditional Chinese medicine classic formula decoctions.

Frieda’s note:
Prof. Ni (Hai-sha) (1953-2012) , Dr. Li (Zongen) i.e. Dr. Andy Lee, L.Ac. California and Dr. Yang (Zhen) are Chinese US citizens.

Group photo -missing

After careful preparation in three months, Prof. Ni Haixia’s TCM teaching method was used to quickly train the TCM holistic thinking of Western medical staff and achieved unexpectedly good results. Due to the good treatment effect, the overall cost of patient treatment decreased and patient satisfaction significantly increased.

So, the number of clinical patients has increased significantly. The hospital’s social benefits are significant, and economic benefits have been significantly improved!

This action cannot be underestimated the role of demonstration and promotion of, the national medical industry. Just three months into practice, peer hospitals from other provinces come to learn from it!

Training site

As the epidemic was abrupt, all 12 medical staff of the Department of Infectious Diseases, who had treated feverish returns in Wuhan at that time were not required to wear professional protective clothing. They were asked to be isolated for 14 days in the hospital.

Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases – Dr.Tang, Ying (湯英), still insisted on participating in epidemic prevention during the quarantine period (using a computer to communicate with each medical patient* and discuss the treatment plan).

*Frieda’s note: It might be a typo of medical staff.

The hospital urgently transferred Vice President Lou, Aizhi(婁愛枝副院長) to personally lead the team to support. Since there was no specific drug from western medicine in this epidemic, the hospital actively adopted traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for treatment and prevention.

Thanks to the practice of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for more than a year, and the remote guidance of two instructors, obtained the above striking results.

Up to now, the domestic epidemic situation is still severe. A large number of patients are temporarily unable to be discharged from hospitals. We sincerely hope that the hospital’s experience in the prevention and treatment of TCM ((Traditional Chinese Medicine)) can give some inspiration to colleagues across the country. In order to increase the discharge rate ASAP, to make people feel more secure, resume work ASAP, and reduce losses.

Meanwhile, we strongly urge that hospital colleagues from all over the country devote themselves to the activities of “Western Medicine professionals to learn TCM” and adopt the principle of “Traditional Chinese Medicine as the core and Western Medicine as the supplement”, which can not only achieve good results in the war of resistance against epidemics but also greatly improve the peacetime. Improve the effectiveness of treatment and patient satisfaction!

We warmly welcome peer exchanges and discussions among hospitals across the country after the epidemic, practice “Western medicine learning TCM” together, and work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese!

We firmly believe that under the leadership of the party and the country (China), and with the joint efforts of Chinese and Western medical colleagues across the country, we will surely achieve a comprehensive victory in the war against epidemics!

Regarding the reprint statement: The public account of “Qihuang Shengxian Wisdom” discards the original markup for this article. Reprints from all platforms are welcome (not original markup). Please indicate the author and source when reprinting.

Please do not let on the reprinted page appears marketing content, marketing diversion QR codes, and links. The current epidemic is for everyone! If you encounter a doctor in the Frontline anti-epidemic hospital who needs TCM technical guidance, you can tell them to leave a message in the Qihuang Shengxian Wisdom public account! Thanks!

Frieda’s Note:
Please click and read How Does TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) View Diseases?.

Therefore, anti-epidemics is not to do it during the epidemic period. Instead, the correct concept is to keep people 100% healthy constantly, instead of controlling the symptoms. It’s time to review the health standard and policies in the world.

It’s hot in Chian that MDs learn classic TCM formulas. It’s the best time to convert the medical system from Western to be Easton’s.

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