Acupuncture Treats Elderly Falling

Acupuncture Treats Elderly Falling

Acupuncture Treats Elderly Falling makes elderly without repeated falls, poor balance, and bone fracture that will solve the elderly falling problem. Moreover, it brings many advantages.

Before starting, advancing to how acupuncture treats elderly falling, let’s introduce you to reading Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health. So, you can understand what is the yang qi. Realize how and why acupuncture and the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing can use it to treat many diseases.

The cerebellum controls our balance. It is located in the lower part of the posterior skull. Its lower edge is right above the lower edge of the skull. As the elderly kidney functions going down, yang Qi is a deficiency. Yang qi hardly full reaches the head. Or, neck muscle and tendon tightness, making the yang Qi be blocked to flow to the head to nourish the cells in the head. It also hardly brings away metabolic wastes in the cerebellum and the skull. It causes the blockage and induces poor functions.

If the falling is caused by yang qi deficiency and hardly full reach the head, acupuncture unblocks the Governor meridian (Du Mai) to let yang qi freely flow in the meridian and ascend to the head. Meanwhile, strengthen the kidney function to allow plenty qi flowing in the Governor meridian to nutritious all organs and the brain.

If the fall is caused by neck muscle and tendon tightness,  loosen them. There are two body balance lines right below the back of the skull, can enhance the balance function of the cerebellum. Chinese medicine makes the cerebellum function recovered.

That treatment effectiveness can be achieved by acupuncture with or without moxibustion. If add our unique external herbal formula with the moxibustion treatment, all treatment effectiveness will be increased 2-6 times depend on the individual’s constitution. They also can be treated by none invaded Magnet Therapy.

We strengthen the renal functions, unblock the Governor meridian and make the flowing Qi stronger, can also avoid or treat Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or brain atrophy, as well as to avoid kidney dialysis, renal failure, osteoporosis. If prevent brain atrophy, it also prevents brain noise due to the brain atrophy caused extra spaces between the skull and brain. This kind noise, Western medicine has no clue to treating. If prevent osteoporosis, prevent bone fracture.

Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or brain atrophy may be caused by the brain not get enough yang qi to nourish it that caused the brain cell wastes accumulated on the cell membrane and make the membrane too thick to allow nutrients to enter. Or a kidney essence deficiency, cannot supply enough nutrition to the brain. Kidney essence deficiency can use herbal formula or food therapy to treat. If use food therapy can eat natural black color foods or non-processed seeds without bringing in chemical additives into the body.

Moreover, elderly also have a spleen functional deficiency for not effective transform and transport nutrients to the body in general. It is a piece of cake in the Chinese medicine to treat. Acupuncture, herbs or Magnet Therapy, even the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing can solve it. Solve the problem of the spleen. Once does so, it almost solves diabetes. If the elderly do not have an appetite, it is the gastric peristalsis ability decreased. Acupuncture can easily treat it. Please read Nasogastric Tube Is Unneeded in Chinese Medicine!

Renal failure can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. Even with the kidney washing machine doing three times of kidney dialysis, kidney failure can be reversed.

Under Chinese medical treatment, in general, there is no need to inert tube, no organ failure. many surgeries can be avoided. It solves the root problems to avoid repeat the operation for similar reasons and tremendously improve patient’s life quality. Please use acupuncture anesthesia, so that patients recover faster and have fewer nurses get injuries to their back or from muscle/tendon tears. Please read Acupuncture Anesthesia Advantages.

Can switch some operation knives to be the Chinese medicine’s acupuncture needle knives. The benefits are reducing the patient’s medical cost, patient’s new injury during the surgery, even the death rate, increasing quality of life maintenance. The surgeons can increase the sense of accomplishment and reduce the pressure of surgery. Body part’s overuse induced injuries, especially the back lumbar injury can be substantially reduced that also reduced the hospitals’ workers compensation cases.

Why not use the acupuncture anesthesia? If during surgery, patients have tight muscle or tendons that add difficulties for the surgery. Can find out the tight muscle and tendon during the surgery evaluation and loosen the tight muscle or tendon before the surgery if the surgery is not an ER case.

Why not evaluate the muscle tightness in advance to solve them? It is easy to be solved by acupuncture in a relatively sooner speed or use magnets to solve the non-emergency surgery cases’ muscle/tendon tightness. It is not supposed to give up the acupuncture anesthesia only due to encountering some muscle tightness during the treatments. Meanwhile, hypnosis also can be used to relax the tendon/muscles during the surgery.

Relaxed the muscles and tendons in the neck, eliminate lifelong intake heart disease medicine. Beside the cervical vertebral discs have nerves connect to the heart. If the neck is stiff, can oppress the nerves of the head on the neck and mimic the symptoms of heart disease. This is a popular mistreat of heart diseases no matter in the Chinese medicine or the western medicine.

The heart drugs further lower down the heart, liver, kidney functions. Everyone can realize drugs are not good for the liver and kidneys. But hardly to notice its coldness property also suppresses the heart function to let it have less heat to supply the whole body. It’s the reduced heat to make fat attached to the blood vessel walls and make it thicker to block the blood flowing. Think about the butter or food fat melts in very low temperature, but get harder in a cold temperature. It’s not the high cholesterol blocked the block the blood vessels. Otherwise, why patients under blood thinners still get repeated stroked or heart vessels be blocked again? This is one of the biggest misleading in the medical field.

That’s why more than ten years under drug treatment, most patients will be prescribed baby aspirin that in the long run thin the blood vessels and further induced other problems. Even if the patient is treated with Chinese herbs, there is a famous Chinese saying: “Any medicine has 30% toxins to the body.” If use chemical drugs too long, organ failure is a must happen result.

If treated right, except the body functions, are severely damaged, such as under decades of insulin injection, the pancreas is no longer secret the insulin, long-term Chinese medicine treatment* is needed. However, the patient’s life quality is better than without the Chinese medicine treatment. Otherwise, after the Chinese medicine treated the root problem, there is no need for a long-term treatment except some busy and rich people use acupuncture or massage as a health maintenance tool to do regularly.

*Chinese medicine treatments include herbs, acupuncture, moxibustion, magnet therapy, qigone. It depends on the state in the US, it can cover more different therapies.

In addition, most of the elderly have osteoporosis and easy to get a fracture. They can intake onion and traditional Chinese medicine’s herbal formula to increase bone density. If there is no displacement of the cracked bone, fracture treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can recover quicker. If there is only a bone fracture without any displacement, comprehensive cosmic energy therapy can help to recover if the patient has a good constitution. It on the diet and other foods rich in colloidal food can also accelerate recovery.

Treat bone fracture even broken and crushed bones or bone displacement is treatable in Chinese medicine and has more than a couple thousand year history. However, Chinese medicine landed the US too late. The treatments of the bone displacement and crushed bone are not in the acupuncturist’ treatment scope and do not teach in the acupuncture schools in the US. Even though, it is more powerful than many western treatments.

If there is only some crack on the bone, Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing can help to recover. In addition, eat eel or in the diet with foods that are rich in glia (glue) can also accelerate recovery.

Chinese medicine’s acupuncture treatments always bring excellent positive side effects. The only reason that can better explain its function is the yang qi that promotes the health and is mentioned in the beginning of this article to read Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health.

However, there is the other situation that makes poor balance is the patient’s legs are not in the equal length. It can be born with it. If it is a newborn, maybe can try the Comprehensive Universal Energy to see if can fix it or even when the last term or the do energy healing to promote the fetus grow evenly. Otherwise, it can go through surgery or chiropractor to adjust the pelvic or use shoes to correct it. If it is required, can go to a chiropractic clinic to get fixed. Meanwhile, pay attention to posture to sit and/or stand evenly.

Some of the legs unequal length is caused by wrong posture or stand or sit or lying down. Besides the needed treatment(s), correct the wrong posture is a must.

There are other causes caused elderly fall such as low blood pressure, Qi/blood deficiency stand up too soon, should slowly stand up.

No strength in the legs to stand up or knee pain or weak knee or muscle or dizziness due to the drug’s side effects or muscle tendon weakness or tightness or dizziness due to age or diseases all can cause elderly falling down. A good acupuncturist can help.

If you are interested in the treatment mentioned in Acupuncture Treats Elderly Falling and want to learn more and if you are a medical group decision-maker, you can hire Freda to do lectures or clinical training. If you are a medical professional, please write down your name, your medical institution name and the topic that you are interested in the comments box. If it is simple, we will publish it as an article. If it is complicated, please discuss with your supervisor or your professional association and/or the hospital association, to hire Freda to give lectures or do clinical training.

Under Chinese medicine or the acupuncture or the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing, Acupuncture Treats Elderly Falling, the elderly do not need to experience repeated falls, bone fracture, or knees have no strength to stand up or using a cane/walker to walk. How beautiful is it?

Such as Taiwan wants to develop of medical tourism, if Taiwan can treat a variety of organ failures, it will attract more people fly to Taiwan to get treated.


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