Acupuncture Avoids Nasogastric Tube

Acupuncture Avoids Nasogastric Tube

Acupuncture Avoids Nasogastric Tube is a discussion of how to treat stomach lost its digestion function in the Chinese medicine and western medicine.

When stomach lost its function to peristalsis, a nasogastric tube is inserted. However, in Chinese medicine, besides herbs, we can make the stomach function again.

Usually, coldness slows down peristalsis or even stops the movement. Usually, we insert a needle at CV 12 (or Ren 12) and a needle each 1 cun* apart on its north, south, east and west direction and adds e-stim or manually stimulate them. If it does not work well for the patient who intakes a lot of cold drinks, foods, fruits, we add moxibustion** to it. If the patient has cancer, his body is extremely cold, besides moxibustion, we add our unique herbal powder to reinstall the stomach peristalsis function again. Then, the patient feels hungry and eats normally.

*1 cun is equal to a person’s width of his/her thumb joint. It’s a relative measurement for each person.
** Moxibustion also called moxa. Please click and read at

For better result, can also needle ST 36. For regular adults, can use a 2.5″ to 3″ needle for the ST 36. Meanwhile, if the leg muscles along the stomach meridian is too tight, it is better to loosen them.

The worst thing for the nasogastric tube feeding is using milk. Most time, the milk is cold when feeding to the patient. The cold milk further makes the stomach hardly to recover its function.

In Chinese medicine, the milk generates phlegm and induces water retention in the body. If the patient has a sputum tube, it makes the sputum tube cannot be removed forever.  Moreover, if the patient is an elderly and weak, pneumonia is highly possible to take away the patient’s life!

It’s the time for the medical field to evaluate the necessary for inserting a nasogastric tube, comparing the patient’s suffering and medical cost by using acupuncture treatment.

Please pay attention to this problem and do a careful re-evaluation the western medicine treatments. Especially during the era of the baby boomers become elderly. The medical cost ought to be cut down.

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