Treatments list some popular treatments in TCM for your reference. There are a lot more treatments available.

Though Frieda treated more varieties than the testimonials posted.  However, the posted testimonials are for your reference to get some ideals that what acupuncture can treat, what results that you could expect (however, case by case is different, you cannot use the other patient’s case to conclude exactly how many treatments that you need.) as well as a brief glance to learn Frieda’s personality, her professional and her attitude toward to her patients.

Thanks for the patients who are kindly to leave the testimonials to benefit the other patients.

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  • Abdominal Pain: Especially when your MD can not find out where is your problem, you’d better to visit a good acupuncturist.
  • Angina: Many heart problems such as heart regurgitation, angina, myocardial infarction, etc. can be treated by acupuncture and herbs.
  • Arthritis Knee Pain: Arthritis can be treated by acupuncture. If want to remove the root problems, we prescribe herbs.
  • Autism: Autism is yang (energy, out going, functional act, etc) deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, acupuncture, herbs, moxibution and qi gong all can help increase yang. Moreover, yang deficiency can caused by phlegm inside the lungs. We can remove the phlegm, then, the patient starts like to social. It’s not a hard to treat disease.
  • Bell’s Palsy: Treat as early as possible. When just happen, usually one treatment can fix or even only one needle is needed. Delayed treatment needs more treatments and more needles. If after three months, there are 40% chances that the trigeminal nerve can grow and link together to cause abnormal facial expression such as move the mouth caused eye movement. No matter how many years, usually can be treated.
  • Blood Pressure: Both high or low pressure can be treated. However, you need know that blood pressure is fluctuated with emotional and activities. Please do not over sensitive to these kind changes.
  • Breast Tumor and Breast Cancer Problem: Brest tumor and/or cancer is so scaring to many female sisters. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a couple thousands years experiences with numerous successful breast tumor and cancer cases to be well treated even at the terminal stage.
  • Detoxification: One can get organs to ward balanced meanwhile detoxify, renew organs and emotions.
  • Digestion System Problems: There are more than 70% sickness is related digestion tract not function properly. Besides stress can cause digestion problems, always on feet also can cause. On another hand, you can avoid a lot digestion problems by keeping away from cold food and drinks for majority problems or too hot food/drinks for throat problems.
  • Dry Skin: The lungs function impaired or blood deficiency can cause it. You suppose not cover your health problems by applying lotion only.
  • Eye Problems: dry eyes, red eyes, watering eyes, glaucoma, cataract (if not totally cannot see), degenerations, blurry vision
  • Facial Rejuvenation: We can use needles to do facial lifting for fine lines, wrinkles, saggy cheeks, double chin, pigmentation. We also have face mask materials for you to treat pigmentation and nourish your face. They are all nature herbs. For decades scar and/or pigmentation, we can use GFt to treat.  Besides facial, we also can use needles and/or herbs to treat your cellulites on your thighs, upper arms and abdomen.
  • Flu: You do not need wait for two weeks to recover, we also share you tips to avoid flu or adjust your body constitution to against recurrent flu.
  • Fibromyalgia: It’s not a lifelong sickness. Release a couple of muscles tightness, control your stress or change your body constitution, change your mind setting, you get chance to get out the fibromyalgia  bothering.
  • Fluid Retention: We solve your organ(s) functions deficiency to avoid it happened again.
  • Gangrene: If you have poor circulation spot i.e. when you feel heavy, pain or numbness (including diabetic patents), if you can get treated earlier, you will not get into the gangrene stage.
  • Heart Diseases: You can avoid many kinds of heart surgeries. Such as if you have blockage on the hear artery, the blockage in the blood vessels should be for the whole body and it  is not only limited in the heart. How about the blockage is in the head? How can a surgeon put a bloom or stent into the brain? Think about the ice in the river. Only coldness can cause blood vessels be blocked. In TCM, we use herbs to break the clots and use herbs raise up the heart temperature and blood. Therefore, dissolve the blockage problem. If heart valve is deformed, we use herbs to let the valve expand and close well. If heart wall enlarged, we can remove the fluid in the heart wall by herbs. If heart lack of bumping strength, we can use herbs with or without acupuncture to make heart bumping force increase.
  • Herniated Disc: Do not need surgery!
  • Insomnia: If one cannot have sound-able sleep, it’s heart function impaired.  If wake up between 1-3AM, we treat the liver to avoid liver cancer later on. If cannot fall in sleep easily, wake up for restroom, wake up in any specific time, cannot sleep in any specific time or before any specific time, sleep walking, talk, etc., we can treat.
  • Internal Medicine: You name it. Even we have more than 2000 years medical records to treat tumor/cancer successful cases, by law, it does not allow us to treat cancer patients. But, we can treat the side effects from chemotherapy or physical discomfort from the cancer to help you toward sounded health. We will also let you know how to avoid it again. In TCM, besides longevity to take herbs/herbal meals/acupuncture treatment or body function be totally damaged, there is no need for life long or years or even months medical treatments. If treatment be extended, there are avoided reasons that the patients should be smart enough to think about what he/she did wrong including getting wrong treatments.
  • Migraines: Pain behind eye(s), temple area pain, pain behind ear are all caused by stress toxins accumulated in the liver.
  • Muscle Spasm: Besides solve the problem, we also teach you how to temporary relieve it and treat your root problems. Meanwhile, let you learn Chinese Exercise to avoid it happen again.
  • Muscle Tightness: Check the difference between Chinese and western exercises.
  • Nocturia: You do not need wake up to go restroom even you are elderly.
  • Pain Relief: Many pains do not need surgeries such as knee replacement, hip replacement, bulging discs, herniated discs, pinch nerves, scoliosis, etc. If your Achilles tendons are tight, we can make them softer.
  • Post Chemotherapy Treatment: We help you relieve symptoms  and strengthen your health. We will also teach you diet and exercises to help your health.
  • Post Surgery Treatment: After surgery, there are always pain, insomnia caused by pain and loss appetite due to antibiotics induced low energy. Acupuncture and moxa are good for quick recovery. Moreover, it soften the scar and make the scar be smaller.
  • Prostate Enlargement: In case of the patients hands are getting drier and drier, the patient is better to visit a qualified acupuncturist immediately to avoid it turns to be a worse case instead of waiting.
  • Quit Smoking: We treat any addictions. Due to treat related organs function, once it’s waked up, patient will not feel the addicted material as taste as before. Of cause, the environment factors affect how quick the patient can quick addiction. Once the patient has strong desire to quit without surrounded people attract back to addiction, quit addiction is quick. Like quit smoking, sometimes, only one hour treatment can quit smoking. In addition, we can use herbs to clean the addiction materials from the organs such as tars in the lungs, drugs and alcohol toxins in liver.
    For patient who had smoking before and has tar in lungs and/or extra phlegm in lungs, we can use herbs to  increase lungs’ capacity for breathing.
  • Respiration Problems: You name it, TCM can treat.
    • The tar can be removed from your lungs to make more functional lung cells with more spaces for breathing use.
    • The fluid in the lungs that do not need surgery to do suction, we can let the fluid vomiting out or guide the phlegm out from urination or bowel movement.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Sjogren Syndrome It’s not hard to treat and not a life long disease.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Stress can cause a lot problems even cancer. When 5 solid organs not harmonized, leads anxiety.
  • Swelling: It can be impaired organ(s) functions caused it. We fix your organ(s) functions.
  • Weight Loss: Usually quick loss quick gain back if you stop the weight loss program. Our program is to improve your overall health and let you regain your shape back. It is slower but it lasts longer.

Note: All sicknesses are cause by emotional (including soul) constrain and energy can not flow smoothly. Therefore, learn how to love, gratitude, share good stuffs including as easy as a smile and collaborate to raise up your energy to avoid sick is more important for your health.

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