Treat Nocturia

Treat Nocturia

Treat Nocturia  is talking about how to treat night time get up bed and go to restroom for urination. As time passed by, the frequency and amount can increase in both. It makes sleeping quality going down and causes tiredness in the day time.

Usually the elderly are easy to have the nocturia due to kidney yang deficiency or urinary bladder soft tissues loosen as the primary reason. Original from one time nocturne to increase more times. Prolonged, it can develop to be enuresis or urinary incontinence or other symptoms such as prostate enlargement and develop to be prostate cancer.

However, under modern busy life, in the clinic, also can see young nocturia patients.

As getting older, nocturia patients can accompany other accidents such as catch a clod flu or stroke or failing to get a bone fracture or whatever during the night time urination.

So, it’s important for the nocturnal patients to get treated as early as possible.

The causes in the Chinese medicine can have the followings:

  1. Drink fluids before sleepDo not drink any fluid or eat water melon three hours before go to bed. If easily get thirsty, get acupuncture treatments to boost the lungs, spleen and kidney functions. Those three organs regulate body fluid metabolisms. And  sedate the excess heat such as the stomach heat that caused the thirsty.If it’s a habit to drink a lot of water, change it.If health education said it, it is not correct due to our body knows how to recycle the water. Usually, if not sweating out or have diarrhea or have abnormal extra urination such as intake extra dry food like baked bread, cookies, especially from diuretic drugs, usually, do not need to drunk water.

    Diuretic foods such as barley or small red beans (Semen Phaseoli) that usually in soup form intake, do not count. If intake diuretic herbs, it only expel unneeded water out of the body but not like the diuretic drugs expel needed and unneeded water outside the body.

    So, change the wrong concept and bad habit can avoid wake up night time to go to empty bladder.

  2. Kidney yang deficiency
    It can be born with it or elderly or overdue or chronic diseases induced.

    Nocturnal urine, frequent urination with long and clear urine, aversion to cold, tiredness, shortness of breath if moving around, soreness on the back and knees, pale expression on face, enlarged tongue, pulse thread and deep.

    Treatments: Warm up kidney yang.
    Diet: Eat sesame seeds. All kind seeds and leek tonify kidney.

    If you know cosmic energy healing, you can put your hands on the kidneys and urinary bladder to boost up their functions.
    If you do not know cosmic energy healing, you can rub your hands to make them warm and then, put them on the back of kidney location or use your fists or palm to rub the back on the kidney area to promote Qi and blood flowing in the kidney area. Then put hands on the urinary bladder area to warm up the bladder or do circular massage to make it warm to promote circulation.

    Folk remedies: Do cupping on the back UB 23 and UB 28, can improve the situation. Or, do Moxa on urinary bladder and kidney also can help. Or, do Moxa on CV 3 and GB 25. Moxa KD 3 to boost the kidney health is better. Or, practice qigong  or massage or muscle stretch exercises to strengthen the kidney and urinary bladder function and add muscle elasticity of the urinary bladder.

    Practice Da Zhou Tian can boost the whole body’s immunity and health.

    Acupuncture treatment:
    If patient facing up, needle GB 25, CV 14,  CV 6,  CV 4, CV3, KD 7, KD 3.
    If patient facing down, needle UB 15, UB 23, UB 24, UB 27, UB 28,  UB 54, KD 7, KD 3.

    If the patient’s situation is severe, add moxa on the above points. Even more severe, add our unique external use herbal formula to treat.

    If the patient’s kidney yang deficiency is severe and prolonged, can have low pitch tinnitus and/or hearing loss, can needle Ling GU and Dubai Xue (or LI 3 & LI 4), use 1.5 ” needle plus GB2 and SJ 17 if needed. If have low pitch tinnitus, it takes longer time to treat, If use herbs or add food diet of eating seeds to tonify kidney is needed.

    In addition, according to the time wake up, find out the related meridian, needle the Ying or Shu point of the meridian. Frieda usually uses the Ying points to put down the meridian fire or if needed, plus Jing point to put down the fire that disturbs the shen to rest and wake the patient up.  If it’s severe, Frieda even uses high frequency to sedate the meridian fire. Please refer to the Meridian’s Five Shu Table.

    The 12 meridians circulation time

    Such as wake up between 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM, needle LR 2 and add LR 1 when it’s severe.  Meanwhile, tonify the liver by needling LR 3 as needed. Wake up between 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM, needle LU 10 and add LU 11 when it’s severe. Meanwhile, tonify the lungs by needling LU 1 toward to LU 2 as needed

    If wake up at 3:00 AM, needle both LR 2 and LU 10. If severe, such as can see red on the eyes’ white area and the eyes outer canthus, add LR 1 and LU 11. Meanwhile, tonify the heart by needling HT 7 as needed.

    If wake up often, needle HT 8 and PC 8 if needed. When it’s severe, can see the red color at the inner canthus of the eyes, add HT 9 and PC 9. Meanwhile, tonify the lungs by needling LU 1 toward to LU 2 as needed

    If can see anemia, tonify the patient’s blood. Meanwhile, add the herbal formula Huang Lian Er Jiao Tang and drink it with a raw yolk to guide the heart to the heart.

  3. Kidney and Spleen Deficiency
    Night time has more urine, frequent urination, shortness of breath, low voice, lazy to talk, limb weakness, loss of appetite, thin stool, waist and knee
    feel sore. White tongue.

     Treat spleen and kidney. Depends on the patient’s laying position on the treating table, we have different acupuncture treatments.
    If patient facing up, needle GB 25, LR 13, CV 14,  CV 6,  CV 4, CV 3, KD 12, SP 9, SP 8, SP 6, KD 7, KD 3, SP 3.
    If patient facing down, needle UB 15, UB 20, UB 23, UB 24, UB 27, UB 28, UB 54,  KD 7, KD 3, SP 3.
  4. Damp Heat in the Urinary Bladder
    Usually, it is UTI (urinary tract infection).


    The patient does not need to have all of the symptoms below.

    Night urine, frequent urination,  urgent urination, urethral burning sensation, urine is yellowish or red short or hematuria, abdominal pain, often accompanied by fever, low back pain, red tongue with yellow tongue coating, fast pulse.Treatment: Expelling heat and dampness.
    If patient facing up, needle GB 25, LR 13, CV3, KD 12, SP 9, SP 8, SP 6, LR 2, UB 66.
    If patient facing down, needle UB 23, UB 20, UB 28,  SP 9, SP 8, SP6, LR 2, UB 66.
  5. Prostate Enlargement
    Treat as kidney yang deficiency and urinary bladder deficiency and moxa the genital area.
  6. Caused by the Other Diseases
    Here, we skip them such as diabetes, nerve damage, prostate cancer, etc.However, for the heart yang deficiency and/or the heart yang can not descend to the small intestine to warm up the urinary bladder, its treatment is already included in the kidney yang deficiency treatment.   For the mental stress and liver toxin accumulation treatment already included in the above according to the wake up time.



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