The First Working Day

The First Working Day

The First Working Day

Today is the first working day in 2013 and it’s the beginning of this well planned new year.

Step 1: It’s a great time to adjust your pace for this year:

Look at each question, cross out the items that were well done yesterday and see if:
a. It was too easy to accomplish your goal – then, pick up more items to do today.
b. It’s just right – keep pick up the same amount job to do today.
c. It’s too hard to finish – pick up fewer items to do today plus finish yesterday’s job.
d. If there is anything that you figured out needs to be modified, please do so.

Then, step 2

  1. Read loudly for your yearly goal and your monthly (or weekly) goal until you can memorize them.
  2. Pick up 1~3 items on your most important in your daily life, read them loudly until you can memorize them.
  3. Pick up 1~ 3 items on the stuffs in your daily life that’s is not important and you can leave them out, read them loudly (I will not do XXX or I will not buy XXX or I will not keep XXX) until you can memorize them.

Step 3:

Please deep breathe 3~5 times (slowly breathing in, hold 2~3 seconds, then slowly breathing out), then, do meditation and image that

  1. How happy you are when you achieved your yearly and monthly goal.
  2. You are putting effort to do the important things that you picked up in step 2 #2 and finished or toward finish them in today that you can sleep satisfyingly in the night for what you already achieved.
  3. You stopped to do the stuffs that you listed on Step 2 #3 and reinforce the enjoyment with #1 and #2.

After yesterday’s  meditation, you have more skill and confidence to do your meditation well today. Keep doing it, your meditation will bring you more and more success and happiness.

If you want to advance more, please put down your comments below. Share out your good experience, you win respect and appreciation form the others that will add your happiness and appreciation for life.

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