Should We Use Euthanasia?

Should We Use Euthanasia?

Should We Use Euthanasia? It could be a reality that we will face sooner or later for our loved ones either for human or our pets. Today, I have a discussion with my college classmate about death. Below is the part related to euthanasia that his father died after one and half year’s vegetative situation. My classmate prefers to get euthanasia if he faced his father’s situation later.

Below is my reply.

During this weekend, I read an article talking about China for a couple ten years, their most advanced way to deal with factory produced pollution is digging a deep hole to dump them into the underground. Therefore, nowadays, all of the underground water is severely polluted. There is hard to have clean water to drink for the places that have concentrated chemical factories or use chemical factories.

If more euthanasia executed, the accumulated severe toxins that kill more creatures or change strong mutation species that even can widely spread in residential areas. Eventually, the bad karma returns to human beings – our young generations. The most well know is the antibiotics caused disasters.

Even we face our loved ones dying, the pain is a needed process for the soul to separating with his body. Is it proper for us to force stop it by euthanasia? Is it humanity to the dying patient or it helps the dying person gaining more benefits? I really hope that there could be more people to study it.

It’s the same like the pain for giving a baby’s birth. The mom experiences severe pain. However, there are skills such as excises before the childbirth, put a piece of ginseng in the mouth without swallowing right before the delivery, do acupuncture or energy healing before the childbirth to make sure both of the Mom and child’s Qi flowing smoothly, etc. can reduce the Mom’s pain and induced smoother delivery. Meanwhile, the newborn baby is smarter and healthier.

The first crying is needed for the baby’s later health to help him expel out the amniotic fluid in the newborn’s lungs to avoid asthma and/or other diseases. That’s another meaning for me to say if we can understand more about death, both of the terminate stage patient and his loved ones will get a peaceful mind to face the death. As an alive person, we only can use our invisible power to help him peacefully continues for his soul journey.

Such as some comforting words about his contributions, happy times that we had with him, etc. that we can enjoy in the future, giving our prays to him, tell him how do we handle or take care his concerns after he left, etc.

Due to without pollution handling study, the western medicine may cause too much environmental pollution. As you read my Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health article and you should know that all chemicals are cold properties. That suppresses yang Qi. More advanced technology, the coldness is worse. That’s another factor for so many severe diseases exist now. All chemicals are different level’s killers for the creatures and environments.

Yet, the nature herbs have either yin (cold) or yang (warm, hot) property. Depends on the body needs, can subscribe different property herbs.

Meanwhile, the yin and yang is a circle. Extremely yin can turn to yang and extremely yang can turn to win. If a patient is in yin side, it is supposed to use yang herbs to harmonize the body. However, if it is nearby the extremely yin stage, use a little bit yin herb can turn the patient to out of yin quickly. This is the critical part to differentiate an excellent herbalist or not. For the patient, the result is surviving or not.

Please come back to read the death discussion with my classmate.

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