Should You Afraid Getting Cancer?

Should You Afraid Getting Cancer?

Should You Afraid of Getting Cancer? Once be announced to have cancer, patients are used to be very afraid. If you follow your MD’s announcement, you will be hypnotized and died at the date according to what your doctor told you. All of my cancer survives patients only believe the death is not for them. They follow my instructions. They positively change their thinking, lifestyle, diet and do exercises. Especially open mind to enjoy their precious lives and do good deeds. These patients survive at a higher level of satisfaction and gratitude than before!

In the clinic, we can see terminal stage cancer patients survived well.

Please look the videos at and read articles about survivor’s experiences.

  2. How to Thrive and Succeed in a Flawed Medical Environment by becoming an advocate for healthcare.

Please remember, anything happens does not have good or bad meaning. Despite the other’s thinking, especially the regular people’s judgment! Only you can make it have a good or bad result!

If you are a family member of a cancer patient or a friend or a relative of a cancer patient, make the patient feel be loved and be blessed to make him/her happy and has a shining face can increase his/her survive rate and speed up healing.

Good Luck for All of You!

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