Raise Your Legs 90 Degrees Up Against the Wall

Raise Your Legs 90 Degrees Up Against the Wall

Raise Your Legs 90 Degrees Up Against the Wall only takes you no more than 3-5 minutes to do it. However, it benefits your health a lot:

  1. Makes your knee last longer without easily worn out the cartilage in your knee(s). By Raise Your Legs 90 Degrees Up Against the Wall, you let the toxins not build up on your legs and increase qi and blood circulation in your legs.
  2. Help legs’ blood circulation to keep their flexibility.
  3. Avoid harden (tighter) legs that blockage the energy flow in your digestive track. That induced problem from harden legs could be stomached, spleen digestion and/or bowel movement problems.
  4. Avoid cold feet.
  5. Avoid spasm or cramping in your legs.

In clinic, easily see patients due to a lot of walking, let the cartilage wear out, leg cramps, outside of the leg tendons tighten up as hard as a cable leads lost flexion and extension ability causes hardly walking or squatting, and more over caused chronic and incurable digestion system and bowel movement problems, even can see patient with sagging cheeks, after loosing leg muscles along the stomach meridian, cheeks recovered their shapes.

One time at a workshop, there were MDs and nurses, I said: “Very grateful to the western medical practitioners that they encourage people to walk and generate business for us due to not tell people to raise legs 90 degrees against the wall after using their legs.”

Be honest, due to the western medicine, the acupuncturist increased longer term patients due to we also need to spend time to eliminate the drug side effects. I appreciate the chances in my beginning practice.

As more clinical experiences, I feel that my life is wasted in cleaning the other professional’s mess to see medical tragedies and lost my financial power due to the patients spent out their money in their other treatments.

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