Raise Up Your Energy Frequency to Avoid Sickness

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Raise Up Your Energy Frequency to Avoid Sickness

Raise Up Your Energy Frequency to Avoid Sickness let you know that your integrated body, mindset and soul frequency affect sick or not, if sick, how severe could be, how quick could recover, how success your life could be and if you can carry out your life mission or not.

If the integrated frequency is high, you are hardly sick, if sick, severity is low and has fewer symptoms, better life achievement. If above 700, it is highly possible for you to carry out your life mission.

Everything in the world has its own energy. Thus, has its own vibration frequency.

Any person, if he/she has the higher frequency, he.she is hardly sick. Through qigongmoral cultivation, doing as good deeds, being forgiveness, keep calm, hope, happy, universal energy healing etc. all can increase frequency.

We will have book series publish to help you achieve your life mission.

If you want to know your emotion and/or behavior can affect your frequency, please buy or google David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.‘s Power vs. force to find out your score. Due to Dr. Hawkins passed away in Sept. 2012, we can not get permit to use his power vs force chart or link to it.

Scare about cancer? Please watch “Dying To Be Me“.

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