Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking  One can use hypnosis, NLP, deep breathing or acupuncture treatment to help quit smoking.

Acupuncture treat smoking is not only quitting smoking, but also help expel phlegm in the lungs, strengthen the lungs and balance the body. Besides deep breathing, it is cost effective and the most benefit to the body among all modalities.

  • Smoking

    It’s the first time I try this type of acupuncture, so I hope it will work out. And the acupuncturist is very well-know about her job.After the first acupuncture treatment, I started to smoke again. But after second acupuncture, I didn’t started again* and felt no reason to take one.*But it didn’t taste that good and I didn’t eat that much.

    By Tommy Petersen at NCL Spirit 1/11& 1/12/2008.

  • Acupuncture Treatment – stop smoking

    We are very happy with this treatment. My husband really stops smoking during 6 day. We hope it will be at the all time.

    By Alla Zinoviy Vaks

  • Stop smoking

    Very pleasant experience – will definitely book acupuncture here again. Very friendly and dedicate consultation.Thank you so much!!By Bretthauce from Canada on March 15/08

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