Qi Gong – Chinese Exercises

Qi Gong – Chinese Exercises

Qi Gong – Chinese Exercises: To gain health is simple and easy. Keep qi and blood flow freely and harmonized. Have a positive mindset. That can achieve health.

Please click and read Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health. Then, you will know why promote the qi flowing is so important to health.

Chinese Exercises is good for health.

Due to a couple of thousands development in the huge China, here are many schools for qi gong.

Tai Qi is good and more popular. One of friends told me that her sister does it everyday, one year later, she visited her sister, her sisters hair was turning to be black!

However, tai qi takes longer time to learn and uses more time to finish the least 18 movements. Now, we would like to introduce you some more powerful, effective  and easy to lean qi gong:

Da Zhou Tian

I taught da zou tian to one of my friends. He is the only one doing it every day. After one month, I visited him. His face was shining with healthy outlook instead of darkness, his voice was a lot louder than before. In addition, he told me that he was used very tired in the afternoon that bothered his work; after practicing da zou tian – 5 times for each step and total 5 minutes a day, he was  full of energy without other treatments.

Only 5 minutes investment, do you want to improve your energy?

Exercises also benefits for your brain. Please watch Brain Rule.

Five Organs Detoxification Exercises

Facial Massage: Tian Long Ba Bu

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