Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is the number one killer in man, especially after 50 years old. It’s scary in the western world. However, in Chinese medicine, we have enough knowledge to prevent it and well treat it.

  1. Diagnosis: feet and palms are dry or with peeled skin are the signs of the prostate cancer.
  2. Treatment:
    Add heart heat and then, drain heart heat down to the small intestine.Can use HT -66 (漢唐66號) to treat if use herbal formula. Or, use acupuncture, moxibution plus my unique external herbs.
  3. Etiology: normal person has warm feet and hands. The early stage prostate cancer patients will have cold feet. Then, have dry palms. The coldness and dryness are proportional to the severity of the prostate cancer.Our small intestine has heat. So, it can digest food. The prostate is located in its bottom and gets its heat. So, the heat keeps the turbidity of the urine constantly moving. When urination, the turbidity of the urine will be pushed out. Therefore, there is no possibility to develop the prostate cancer.However, once the small intestine heat dropped down, then, the urine turbidity stays in the prostate. It will accumulate up.  The initial stage will cause prostate hypertrophy and Inflammation. Plus, intake healthy food products that eventually dropped to the prostate too. The abnormal turbid urine and nutrition to stay too long, resulting in abnormal cell mitosis. That is how cancer developed.The heat of the small intestine promotes the feet circulation. Once the small intestine heat drops down, the feet circulation is also slowed down. It induced the cold feet.The heat of the small intestine is produced by the heart. It’s due to the heart and small intestine are internal/external related in the Chinese medicine. Once the lower body is cold and blocked, the heart heat cannot descend down to the small intestine. It will reverse back in the artery and flow to the hands. The extra heat makes the moisture in the blood going away and becomes dry hands or even peel off the skin. Because of the dry hands, patients even can not fall into sleep.The above uses the traditional Chinese medicine’s physiology to view and explain the prostate cancer.
  4. Prevention:
    Avoid intake healthy food products that feed cancer cells. When have cold feet or have dry skin on the palms, can start to get acupuncturists or Chinese medicine physicians treatments to ride them off. Then, there is no prostate cancer.Also, we can use exercises and the whole body self-healing system to treat.Walking can generate more heat for the whole body and in the groin area.Urine out forcefully with noise. You use warm urine to do massage for your prostate to avoid cancer or abnormalities in your prostate. To be a gentleman can show in many places. Not necessary in the restroom to control your urine flow without noise. It’s why prostate cancer is more popular with the white people, not in Chinese.Prostate is a slow developed cancer. But, it is not a silent killer as it does give an early sign for the patient as stated above in #1. It’s been 100% preventable in Chinese medicine. It’s easy to diagnosis in Chinese medicine.
  5. Knowing some knowledge of the western medical diagnosis and treatments.

If the PSA test is above 4.0 still cannot 100% conclude there is prostate cancer. It means that the diagnosis is not right to rely upon.

If use slice to do diagnosis or surgery or chemotherapy to treat, the patient loses sexual function and becomes extreme depression. After surgery, the patient always needs to carry a urine bag with poor quality of life. Many patients began to intake sleeping pills and antidepressant drugs. That can induce suicide.

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