Prevent Cancers by Traditional Chinese Medicine

Prevent Cancers by Traditional Chinese Medicine

Prevent Cancers by Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches you how to use traditional medicine to prevent getting cancer.

All cancers can be prevented. There is no silent killer in traditional Chinese medicine. If any abnormal symptom(s) coming out, a patient takes early action will avoid sickness or getting worse and further developed to be cancer.

For all of the cancer patients, cold body and bad emotion are common.

Therefore, the most basic cancer prevention is when you have cold feet, either visit acupuncturist to warm up your body, or eat warm foods such as ginger, cinema, etc. (in case of you do not have sleep problem, pain, bad emotion and any other signs) and exercises. If bad emotion, practice Universal Energy Healing,   Di Zi Gui or attend Dream Builder Coach or Life Mastery Consultant classes in your daily life. If your situation can not be improved, please look for acupuncturist and/or other professional’s help such as hypnotherapists, personal coach for do not know how to improve relationships, financial problems, etc.

On another hand, at the cancer stage, there are also common symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, pain (not all of cancer patients feel pain), local area hot and can touch a hard irregular shape nodule. Of cause each specific cancer has its own symptoms and when you encountered the above mentioned or later mentions symptoms do not necessary mean that you got cancer. But, it’s better to get professional care and make needed change such as mind setting, diet, lifestyle, etc. to go back to health life as soon as possible in order to avoid to be a cancer patient or enter cancer severe stages.

If you can see the following signs, you’d better to get professional’s diagnosis immediately and care to differentiate if there is any severe case or not :

  1. Heat or distended in the head to avoid brain tumor.
  2. White or white/red or red spots or ulcer on mouth, lip or tongue, protruded lump with irregular shape without healing for more than two weeks and keep expanded, weight loss to avoid mouth cancer (oral cancer).
  3. Hard to swallow to avoid throat or oral cancer.
  4. Wake up between 1:00 AM ~ 3:00 AM to avoid liver cancer.
  5. Wake up between 3:00 AM ~5:00 AM to avoid lung’s cancer.
  6. Insomnia to avoid many cancers.
  7. Lump in the breast to avoid breast cancer.
  8. Cough long time with bobble sputum to avoid lung cancer.

To be continue for cancer prevention by Traditional Chinese Medicine ….

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