Post Sergury Treatment – Caner Patient

This is a testamony regarding the treatment I have recieved from acupunturist, teacher, freida mah. I was introduced freida one year ago she immediately gained my respect and attention. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with mets to the liver. Since surgery is the only remedy for this I was scheduled for surgery as soon as they deemed me operaple. I had a surgery called modified whipple. They rearrange your organs to function after they remove tumors. I am healthy 29 year old female with a 6 year old son. I needed to heal mentally and physically. Freida performed moxibution on my scar tissue in conjunction with heat lamp. She also performed moxi on my body. I have never been so relaxed I felt like I was outside my body. She showed me some breathing exercises that have helped my moods. I can relax myself and she taught me how to be more positive. She has helped me in many ways. She will always be a helping hand in my fight. This has helped me progress in my diagnosis. Having bad emotions will only make you sick. Thank you FRIEDA MAH

Sessa at California, USA, Oct 24 2013

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