Old Fashion TCM

Old Fashion TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Old Fashion TCM is the knowledge that is taught in the nowadays TCM schools. It talks about the most common TCM knowledge in the current four-dimensional world that including the time.

After a couple thousand years of development and input with many famous, high esthetic, kind, and excellent Chinese Medical doctors, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM will be used thereafter) is the most complete and effective medical system in the entire world. It is the most valuable wisdom, in humanity, which uses the natural healing methods to assist patient recovery and facilitate their own self-healing ability.

TCM has passed the test of time, again and again, proving its ability to advance the quality of life. By alleviating the need for invasive and expensive tests, surgeries, and lifelong medications, TCM lightens society’s medical costs as well as becoming a guide for medical researcher.

In order to let the general public understand this great medicine, I have developed this website for educational purposes. TCM includes anything that can naturally be used for longevity.

  • Acupuncture: Using a fine needle inserted under the skin to use the patient’s own natural energy to do self-healing.
  • Moxibustion: Use Ai Ye herbs (Folium Artemisiae Argi) for strong penetration and heat to treat pain or sicknesses induced by coldness.
  • Herbs, Herbal Bath, Herbal Meals/Tea: The herbs used are natural with bigger molecular substances which treat the root problems and symptoms instead of the herbs from the health food store that are small molecular without touching the root problems but help relieve the symptoms only.
  • Qi gong (include Tai Chi) and Chinese exercises:  for more detailed comparison with the western exercises, you can refer to The Differences Between Chinese Exercises & Western Exercises.
  • Diet (organic natural food/not processed): These days foods are full of chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides,  antibiotics, hormones, and food additives that cause accumulated liver toxins and carcinogens. Drinking or eating cold foods can also cause a lot of illness.  You can refer to Cold Foods & Drinks Caused Health Problems.
    • Tui-na: This is broader than massage as it includes all massage techniques and has more ways to reduce the pain. Tui-na focuses on the acupuncture points, bone adjustments and closed fracture treatments, however; in the United States, we are restricted from treating bone adjustments and closed fracture treatments. For these, we suggest you see a chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon. In China and Taiwan, we are able to use our hands to put the bone in the right position, wrap the bone fracture with herbs in order to relieve the pain and help to heal. This procedure is more rapid than western medicine through surgery. Herbs can aide in connecting broken tissue and bone in order to facilitate healing faster and prevent atrophy. In addition, Tuina’s natural massage treatment alleviates the need for casting the fracture area. Casting can promote muscle atrophy, which prolongs the healing time.
    • Gusha (scraping): Gusha aids in the circulation of the superficial layers of the muscle and skin. It can also be used as a treatment to avert the flu symptoms in the initial stages.
    • Cupping: To treat pain and organ problems we use suction cups to draw out coldness and/or bad blood.
    • Bleeding: Through a small prick in the area of pain or sickness, we remove the stagnated blood. This procedure is not allowed in the state of California.
    • Life Style Change: Get to bed before 11:00 pm and develop a regular lifestyle which is consistent. Getting to bed before 11:00 pm can alleviate sicknesses such as gallbladder and liver problems.  Changing your lifestyle can rid you of the “ghosts” in your body.
    • Moral Meditations and Cultivation: Having desires for material happiness can cause sickness, both physically and mentally. Besides the external environmental factors, such as climate, and diet, there are our human emotions which can block the body’s blood and energy flow.  Other negative external environmental issues are high voltage transformers, the temperature in the working environment (Example: people who work in the restaurant and meat industry are often moving from a warm working area, such as the stove, to the cold freezer on a regular basis). If we live our lives simply we can avoid a lot of emotional disturbance.
    • Zhu You Shu (祝由術): It’s the name of hypnosis therapies in classic Chinese Medicine. Zhu You Shu was the therapies (術) performed by Zhu You (祝由) that was assigned by Huan Yuan Huang Di (軒轅黃帝)  B.C. 17,000,000. It was recorded in Huang Di Nei Jing – a Classic Chinese Medicine book and be used as a Bible for all of the Chinese medicine physicians. It detailed stated diseases’ etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments. It included many nowadays hard to treat sicknesses.
  • For a more details introduction to TCM, you can refer to the Introduction to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory.
  • For more detailed educational information, charts, and what TCM can treat, as well as the treatment results from patient’s testimonials; you can browse this website. We hope this website helps you to understand TCM, your body, and your health condition better; as well as discovering how to develop a better quality of life using the recommendations found on this website. As one patient asked me “Frieda, why is it that after having your treatments, I just want to smile like a baby? I lose all my anxiety and worries.”  My answer to her was, “Life was meant to be lived in a natural state, and we are entitled to be happy. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine allows us to live the way we were born to live…NATURALLY “. Besides being physically healthy, we should be able to happily enjoy our life…Let’s all go for it!

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