Normal Female Menstruation Flow

In Chinese Medicine, before menstruation occurs, white nutritious (milk) will flow to the female’s breast, making the breast feel distended.

Then the heart and kidneys working together push all of the milk along the Chong, Ren Meridians and Foot Jueyin of Liver Meridian to the uterus for female reproduction use. Otherwise, females after menopause or males who take too many nutritional supplements or drink cow’s milk, the milk will be pushed along the liver meridian to the large intestine to be expelled outside the body.

The nutritious rich milk will be pushed down and mixed with blood traveling to the uterus and be stored in the uterus and Ren Meridian to be ready for the use of fetus development and growth. If the egg is not fertilized in the uterus, the stored menstruation blood, with its rich nutrition, starts flowing out of the body and becomes menstruation flow.

In case of the egg not been fertilized in the uterus, the stored menstruation blood with the rich nutrition starts secreting outside the body and becomes menstruation flow.

The normal menstruation cycle is 28 days or plus minus 1~2 days are normal occasionally.

When the cycle is more than 28 days, this means that there is coldness inside the uterus, especially when there is cramping pain before or during menstruation. When the cycle is shorter than 28 days, usually, there is heat inside the body. Irregular menstruation occurs due to liver energy stagnation or toxins accumulated inside the liver. Spotting is caused by spleen deficiency and amenorrhea occurs when there is anemia. Insufficient menorrhea happens when there is blood deficiency or LUPUS or breast cancer.

Regardless of the type of menstrual abnormality, it is recommended to seek a good acupuncturist to correct the problem.  On the contrary, if the problem is not resolved, it can lead to numerous problems. In addition to those problems mentioned on the last paragraph, there could be uterus cysts, uterus fibroids, uterus tumors, cancer or infertility.

Please refer to the Normal Female Menstruation Flow Chart.

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