New Concepts

New Concepts

New Concepts

New Concepts break the old concepts that handed personal health to the other person’s hand. Actually, only you can control your own health. Your health is directly related to your diet, your lifestyle, your mindset, your attitude toward life, exercises or not, your behavior, etc.

  1. Every one’s body, mind, soul integrated frequency affects his/her health and life achievements.
  2. Everyone has self-healing power in nature. We teach you how to recover.

After 20+ years practice traditional Chinese medicine, Frieda discovered that one’s energy frequency decides one’s health level. One’s mind setting decides his/her life successful achievement.

All of the medical schools only teach passive healthcare. If people learned active healthcare that everyone is born in abundant talent (that millions generations’ talents already exist in DNA), self healing power and wealthy/happiness to enjoy our lives by wakening up our inherent abilities that are with us but not be noticed by ourselves.

Then, the medical cost will be extremely low. Young people will keep family as older generations do instead of sacrificing having kids to save money for their retirement life.

If we can execute it, the whole world will be more peaceful and richer. Everything can be generated that we do not need to use hurting ways to do competitions but do love, gratitude, sharing, collaboration to enjoy happy life and relationships.

Please refer to Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins. If you google, you can find the audio book and youtube interview Dr. David Hawkins.

How to get high frequency? Please visit You Are Born with Abundance and be healthier now!

Moreover, everyone has self healing power that can be recovered soon. Frieda developed  Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to help you open up the door to enter your abundant life.

A Wealth of Health

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