Muscle Spasm

Muscle Spasm

Muscle Spasm Acupuncture treats Muscle Spasm is very effective. Below lists its testimonials.

  • Sinus, Muscle SpasmTreated both symptoms excellent!Thank you.By Nelius Smith on 1/8/2007
  • Left thigh leg crampsFrieda worked very hard and very skillfully to solve a problem that I had for several years. She explained what she was doing and why.I appreciated her effort and she has my thanks. I hope that she resolved my problem but it is too early to tell. In any case, I would give her an A+ for effort.By Lioyd Bryoie from USA on 2 Feb. 08
  • Upper Back SpasmI received treatments for headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, spasm on upper back, numbness in both hands, arthritis on right foot and excruciating pain on both knees especially right knee caused from meniscus tear. I was also having lots of phlegm, postnasal drip and congestion. All of the pain subsided after a couple of treatments. I also not have headaches and numbness in my hands. No pain in my left knee and right foot. My excruciating pain in my right knee subsided tremendously. I am so greatly to receive acupuncture treatments from Ms. Frieda Mah. I also feel happy about not living with    and pains all over my body.I was also experiencing imbalance of equilibrium and have had several falls. My head feels clear and do not feel dizzy and I do not have headache deep inside my head. I am very pleased with my acupuncture treatments.

    By Margie Kadlec from New Mexico, USA  12/7/2011

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