Moxibustion (Moxa)

Moxibustion or called Moxa is a very powerful treatment in TCM. It is especially powerful for severe or majority functional diseases.

It is good to treat pain especially for cold invading pain, arthritis, back pain, narrowing disc, pinch nerve, stomachache or no appetite due to cold, infertility due to coldness inside uterus, tight tendons, prolapse organs, yang deficiency, low energy, low immunity, poor circulation, degeneration, stroke sequel, help to boost up energy, immunity, organ functions, circulations, relaxing tightened tissues and to tighten loosing tissues, warm up body, help body fighting virus, bacterias, increase endocrine secretion if it’s too low, etc.

Moxa is using Ai Ye (Folium Artemisiae Argi) heat and high penetration to

  1. Warm up the body to incentive circulation. Meanwhile, expel coldness.
  2. Open up blockage: heat moves – to shrink the tumor, reduce cancer pain,  break stasis. Cold sinks and congeals that makes blockage.
  3. Increase body functions and metabolism due to them all need heat.
  4. Increase immunity by
    a. strengthen related organs’ functions
    b. flowing immune cells and needed materials to the needed site to do defense and repair jobs.
    c. quickly remove unneeded pieces of stuff such as blood stasis, qi stagnation, toxins, etc. away.
  5. It’s very good to treat yin shi (陰實). It’s due to its strongest yang property.
  6. Please also read Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health.

There are different kind Moxa materials: smoke Moxa stick, none smoke Moxa stick, Moxa powder. Smoke Moxa has better treatment effectiveness.
Yet, Moxa power can be made like a rice size and put at an acupuncture point to burn. It will burn skin. If keep a burning scar at ST 36 away, people can avoid the cold, flu and hardly feel cold in the winter.
However, if a person has diabetes, it’s better to avoid scaring. It’s better to avoid scar Moxa treatments.

There are two kinds Moxa treatments: Moving Moxa by holding the Moxa stick and move above the body or fixed Moxa. Fixed Moxa can use a fixture to hold the Moxa stick or use a sticker under a small Moxa stick to help stand on the body. Or, add a small Moxa corn to the needle to transmit heat to the deeper body of the site. It is called needle Moxa. The needle Moxa has a stronger effect of treating deeper health problems.

It also can use different materials such as sliced ginger or garlic with pierced holes under the Moxa corn to help to heal such as ginger adds heat. Garlic helps to kill bacteria, etc.

Moxa can treat a lot of situations such as pain. gout, gangrene, indigestion, low immunity, cold constitution, most heart and blood vessel problems, low organ functions, etc.

There are some videos for your references:

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