Moral Cultivation

Moral Cultivation

Moral Cultivation is important in our life.  You can experience the good virtue directly increase your energy flowing immediately in our book: Self-Healing (will be published in 2015).

In the traditional Chinese culture, we are used to emphasizing the “moral cultivation”.  In English, perhaps use the word “conscious”. That means when one has more knowledge, he/she will be humble, collaborate with the environment instead of being self-centered as well as take more responsibilities for the society and future generations. Feeling a high spirit is a result of moral cultivation. Being more humble does not mean compromise for everything but to stick with an ethic (though it changes with the culture and time period) and truth that’s value passes the test of time  in the long run.

Under moral cultivation, one would not be selfish enough to just live for one’s own selfish benefit which could bring harm the whole society. The best description is like Confucius said: “If you do not want, do not apply to the others.”. Or “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” is another way to say this.

Under moral cultivation, one should be brave enough to express a different opinion if he/she believes that it’s right and it’s important to correct the wrong or clear the ambiguous in order for the whole society’s overall benefits in the long run. However, it takes wisdom to express oneself at the right time and at the right place to the right people.

Under moral cultivation,  one’s mind is more self contented and that means the mind is more focused on the needed stuffs but not too outgoing which might drive the whole world crazy.

Under moral cultivation, one will act properly no matter what is in the front of people or staying alone. Or, one can say that there is no shame and no regret later.

Due to moral cultivation, one will learn how to make/keep life simple and easy and stick with more durable things. Or in other words, moral cultivation means a polish for life’s wisdom and spirit.

For the aids of moral cultivation, Frieda likes Di Zi Gui, and Wang Feng Yi (Confucian Therapy System).

On another hand, cultivate moral can avoid disasters.

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