Migraines Migraines can be well treated by acupuncture. Below are the testimonials.

  • MigrainesI have acupuncture for Migraine after been unwell for days and feel a new person and Frieda is very good and makes you very welcome and relaxed. I would recommend anyone to her.By Corronne Cox, Nurse Aid from Ireland on 30.10.2006
  • MigraineFrieda is fantastic, she is always more than willing to help. She performed an in depth consultation and not only related my main concern but also other areas that she felt needed to be improved. I had had migraine type symptoms pain behind my eyes & through the jaw but also my whole body felt tender. After just one comfortable & actually relaxing treatment, I felt amazing. I would highly recommend acupuncture & Frieda to anyone with any type of concern. I shall definitely be returning in the future, if need be!By Katie Snusnall

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