Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy had been popularly used in many ancient countries. However, the magnet strength have no record to trace.

Moreover, there is no clinical trial. Below is from Frieda’s experience only. Please use with caution. It’s better to get your MDs second opinion.

As early as two or three thousand years ago, the Chinese already knew how to use the magnet as a medicine. To date, magnets have been extensively used for many disease treatments.

In mid-November, 2016, Frieda attended a five-day training event. In an occasional opportunity, she treated a severely frozen shoulder classmate. He had a constant pain at the 8 / 10 scale. Frieda put two strong magnets on his upper arm. The next day at noon, the classmate restored his arm’s range of motion and only felt mildly uncomfortable instead of pain.

12000 Guess magnets

12000 Guess magnets

It induced Frieda high interests in the magnetic therapy. Meanwhile, it can make up the treatment gap for her comprehensive Universal Energy Healing body severe blockage patients.

Benefits of the Magnet Therapy

  1. It’s noninvasive, easier to be accepted and popularized among the patients.
  2. Magnets can be routinely disinfected for repeated use. Reduce medical costs and reduce environmental pollution.
  3. Magnet size is small, it only uses a breathable tape or anti-allergic tape, medical materials required is simplified.
  4. No treatment at the clinic is required. Medical professionals can treat patients almost everywhere. It is convenient.
  5. It simplifies medical professional training.
  6. The magnets can be long-term use without side effects* if using the correct pole on the skin. However, when the symptoms are gone, for the chronic situations, there is no hurt to extend the therapy for some time to consolidate the effect. After that, there is no more therapy needed for that health issues in general except it’s not well treated. Or, the cause of the health issues persistently exists.
    *Some document pointed side effects did not see in Frieda’s experiments and there is no other support for the side effects.
  7. If the magnetic direction is putting wrong and comes out the side effect(s), reverse magnetic, you can correct them. In addition, if seeing any side effect(s), after the magnet removed, the side effect(s) will disappear in a short time.Note: A book mentioned that the long-term use of a fixed magnet can attract hemoglobin iron be attracted and causes blood stasis. This point has not been proven.

Why Need Magnet Therapy?

  1. People live in higher story buildings and wearing isolated shoes that prevent feet from contact the ground to balance with the earth magnet directly.
  2. There are too many electrical products, electromagnetic interference, making people’s magnetic field disordered.
  3. Earth magnet is depleted by nature and mined to use for high tech applications.
  4. Earth orbit and earth’s North and South Poles in changing, the Earth’s magnetic field is also changing.
  5. Need to adjust our body’s magnetic field to harmonize with the Earth’s magnetic field.

The Scope of The Magnet Therapy

Depends on the different resources have different application scopes. However, the research is not formally be recognized broadly even its application is relatively widely being accepted in the Japan and China’s hospitals and be popular in the general public of UK, Germany, Japan, China and some other ancient countries.

No doubt that the magnet therapy is an excellent adjuvant therapy. However, there is no authorized document mentioned about the limitations about how strong the magnetic force can be accepted, how thick the magnet should be for a fixed depth to penetrate, how severe or complicate the health issue is that can be treated. Therefore, one can not use the magnetic therapy to replace the formal medical professional treatments.

In general, it covers:
addictions, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer,  children’s health problems (bed-wetting, behavioral disorders), chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, environments, environmental illness, eye disorders (cataracts, macular, degeneration), gastrointestinal problems “(colitis, constipation, diverticulitis, parasites, hiatal hernia, indigestion and nausea, irritable bowel syndrome), heart diseases, infections (bacteria, fungi, viruses), inflammation, men’s health problems (benign prostatic hypertrophy, impotence),mental and emotional problems, multiple sclerosis, obesity, pain and injuries, respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, colds and sinusitis, lung infections), seizures, skin problems (boils, burns, blisters, insect stings, scalp infections, warts and moles, sunburn), sleep disorders, women’s health problems (breast soreness, yeast infections, menstrual problems, menopausal discomforts, osteoporosis, cystitis),etc.

In China, it covers:

  1. Internal Medicine: asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, coronary heart disease, acute and chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, gastroduodenal ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis.
  2. Surgical diseases: acute and chronic soft tissue injury, thrombo-angiitis obliterans, osteoarthritis, Osteochondritis, peri-arthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, tenosynovitis, fibromatosis, frostbite, prostatitis, hematoma, cervical spondylosis, bursa Inflammation, residual limb pain.
  3. Neurological diseases: neurosis, trigeminal neuralgia, facial muscle twitching, vascular headache, neuritis and so on.
  4. Pediatric diseases: simple infant diarrhea, enuresis and so on.
  5. Dermatological diseases: sclerosis erythema, capillary hemangioma, neurodermatitis and so on.
  6. ENT diseases: central retinal choroiditis, simple glaucoma, acute and chronic pharyngitis, supraorbital neuralgia, mandibular joint dysfunction syndrome, toothache, chronic non-suppurative parotid gland enlargement, pericoronitis.

While China’s medical Professor Li Dingzhong (Country level physician) said that the magnetic therapy can replace acupuncture treatments. So magnetic therapy has a very broad range of applications.

In December, 2016, Frieda had used high Gausses magnets* in ER to promote urination to delay kidney dialysis, to change blood to be alkaline and increase blood oxygen to prevent more gangrene spots formed and reduced inflammation, to promote the patient’s heart and kidney function to reduce drug’s dosage and delay organ failure.

* The high Gausses magnets* have far higher magnetic force than all of the documented articles and books published. The reason is that the earth is changing its poles directions, too many electromagnet fields affecting human’s normal body magnet field, plus live or work above ground, feet are hard to touch the soil, etc. The majority of the human has a shortage of the magnet in the body.

Frieda also used the magnets reduce patient’s pain, soften muscles, grow black hairs, improved circulation, etc.

The Theory Behind the Magnet Therapy

According to the Magnet Therapy, Second Edition: The Self-Help Guide to Magnets-Clinically Proven to Relieve 35 Health ProblemsPaperback – November 25, 2011, by William H. PhilpottDwight K. KalitaLinwood Lothrop. The magnet poles have the following functions:

Negative Field (Face the Skin normally)       Positive Field
———————————————-       ——————————————————–
Normalizes blood pH value to be alkaline    Produces acidic
Increases blood oxygen-carrying                    Reduces blood oxygen-carrying
Reduces cellar edema                                        Induces cellular edema
Reduces symptoms                                             Makes current symptoms worse
Inhabits microorganism replication;              Accelerates microorganism replication;
Slows down infection                                         Speeds up infection
Biologically normalizing                                    Biologically disorganizing
Reduces pain and inflammation                       Increases pain and inflammation
Governs rest, relaxation, and sleep                  Governs wakefulness and action
Evokes anabolic hormone production-            Evokes catabolic hormone production
melatonin and growth hormone
Clears metabolically produced toxins              Produces toxic by-products of metabolism
out of the body
Eliminate free radicals                                         Produces free radicals
Slows down electrical activity of the brain      Speeds up electrical activity of the brain

Usually, use the negative field to regulate the endocrine secretion, regulate the body’s yin and yang, calm the nerves, soften and promote the circulation and eliminate the tumor, eliminate free radicals, increase the oxygen content, to help the wound to restore, relax the nerves, muscles, and tendons as well as reduce pain, and so on. Use of the magnetic positive field to stop bleeding, coagulation.

Magnetic Therapy Types

In general, use the small and weak magnet for the general public use. Clinics, magnetic strength is much higher than the general public use; small AC magnet machine is a rotating magnetic therapy in hospitals and clinics use. There is a gate type magnet machine is used in hospitals.

Contraindications for the Magnet Therapy

  1. If the client or patient or your own home has young kids or pets or you serve people whose family has young kids or pets,  it’s better to not apply magnet therapy to avoid the magnet falls down and be swallowed by the young kids and/or pets to cause an ER case.
  2. Avoid putting magnets on the lower abdomen of pregnant women to avoid miscarry.
  3. Newborn.
  4. Do not use for young kids especially they like to put things in mouth, or metal retarded persons.
  5. Use caution in the body with a foreign metal object.
  6. Do not use for the severe heart, liver, lung, kidney, and blood disease patients.
  7. Avoid applying magnets to the extremely weak constitution or allergy 6 or acute infectious diseases, high fever patients.
  8. The total number of white blood cells below 4.0 × 109 / L 6.
  9. Bleeding or bleeding tendency patients 6.
  10. To avoid the misuse of positive and negative fields.
  11. Some patients who have a pacemaker or stent should avoid chest area and the upper back as well as with other devices patients, it’s better to check with his MD first. Avoid put nearby ear, nose or mouth to avoid the magnet goes inside the body and cause an emergency case.
  12. Avoid putting magnets on the big blood vessels.

Use Caution for the Magnet Therapy

  1. Below 10 years old young kids or elderly or weak person, the magnet strength should be reduced.
  2. The magnet should not be used for a young kid and animal who can swallow the magnet in. If there is young kid or pet at home, it can cause ER cases. Please refer to : Painful attraction: a magnetic penile injury
  3. The heart area should not use a strong magnet to avoid interference with the heart beating.
  4. Some patient might have skin allergies, take off immediately and looking for a tape that is used for skin sensitive persons.
  5. Any discomfort, please take off the magnets. Usually will recover automatically. If not, go to visit MD or ER depends on situations.
  6. The magnet can demagnetize your credit cards, ID, cash cards, debit cards, membership cards, magnetic tickets, bank books that with a magnetic strip, discs, magnetic data media, etc. Please do not put them together.

There are other contraindications. However, they are the author’s personal opinion and should not follow by 100% without a test or get advice from your MD. Frieda read that the magnet should be taken off after two days apply or every week gets off 1-2 days. Due to her Mom is severely sick in a hospital, she used magnets and her unique Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to treat her Mom and got continuously improving. When her conscious was getting more clearer, she took off the magnets to avoid the magnet lost its function as some books said.

Four hours later, when she visited her Mom at the hospital, antibiotics and heart/kidney anti-failure drugs were administered. Her Mom’s situation kept dropping: needed blood transmission, kidney function was totally gone and need dialysis, hard to open her eyes again, lungs got an infection again, a tailbone wound got worse, etc.

Even put all magnets back, doing the same magnet therapy and Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing. For four days, her Mom’s situation was still not recovered.

How to Maintain the Magnetism of the Magnet

  1. Keep away from external electromagnetic fields: such as generators, television, radio, mobile phones, wires and so on.
  2. Keep away from heat.
  3. Keep the direction of the magnet and the Earth’s magnetic field in the same direction.
  4. Let the magnet naturally attracts and stacked together as a strip to keep the magnetic force.

Discussion of the Magnet Therapy

  1. As the earth pole is changing and nowadays more electronic devices with stronger electromagnetic fields that severe interference our body. The higher magnetic’s force magnet should be used.
  2. The magnet therapy can be further expanded due to it is not invading, can be carried around, can save both acupuncturist and patient’s time in the treating room.
  3. The magnet therapy can tremendously cut acupuncture treatment cost and reduce used needles handling problems.
  4. The magnet therapy has broader use than acupuncture treatments. We will post more articles for it.

Magnetic Unit Conversion

1mT (Millitesla) = 10 gauss
1 Gauss = .0001 Tesla, or 1 Tesla = 10,000 Gauss

Magnet Therapy Applications

  1. Knee Pain Treatment
  2. Magnetic Therapy Brief Summary Treatments


Due to it’s new treatment with 12000 Gauss magnet. If you have any feedback, please email Thanks.


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