LUPUS (SLE) Treatments

LUPUS (SLE) Treatments

LUPUS (SLE) Treatments

If you have LUPUS and you’re looking for help, you’d better to know the difference between treatments in Traditional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

First, let’s look at the western medicine:

MDs prescribe a variety of drugs for lupus including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, antimalarials, corticosteroids, topical corticosteroids, antibody-benlysta, high-dose corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs. And there are more clinical trials in progress, searching for a better solution. Chinese medicine perceives these drugs as non-natural agents that do not transfer vital yang (heat) energy from the sun, plants or other natural forms to the body. All these drugs are “cold property” foods that cause the heart’s qi (energy) to become colder and bumping force lower down. Thus it disturbs menstrual cycles and leads to a variety of other problems. Plus these drugs have side effects already identified by pharmaceutical companies that sell them (see and your drug company’s website for a full list of side effects).

From heart problem caused deviated menstruation flow, you should know what is the root problem of LUPUS and sensed what kind treatments that you need.

Now, let’s see how traditional Chinese medicine theory Medicine treats LUPUS (SLE).

We use:

Acupuncture to unblock energy flow.  Energy flow improves total body function from a cellular level and up. Cells are able to receive nutrition and release metabolized body waste. The flowing energy also carry away the waste, toxins as well as unwanted water, blood, etc. alone meridians without accumulated inside our body. Acupuncture also stimulates long-term health because balanced energy flow improves the body’s ability to heal itself.

Moxibution to warm up body and increase body functions. Moxibustion is a heat  treatment. We burn the traditional Chinese herb Ai Ye (Folium Artemisiae Argi) above the top of acupuncture points along the body. Ai Ye creates a strong heat that warms the meridians, unblocks energy flow i.e. expels unwanted accumulation such as qi, blood, water and phlegm, etc. as well as boosts organ functions.
Herbs that address the root problems of unbalanced organ functions and bring balance back to the body. When the body’s organs are in good health and they are working in balance (homeostasis), then, hormone levels are normalized, emotional health are stabilized, and overall well-being is improved.

Chinese Exercises of a variety of styles. Qi gong is especially useful for improving energy flow.  Thus, improves organ functions and balance.

Diet Change that avoid eating certain foods, avoid cold drinks, emphasize foods to fit body constitution, and keep a happy dining environment. Away from dietary products that cause water retention in the body especially in the spleen. They deviate body metabolism plus added female hormone in the dietary products deviate  body’s normal hormone balance and/or secretion. Avoid processed foods, refined sugar, chemically altered foods/chemical food additives, soda and coffee because these foods cause health problems. Browse our site for more information about the effects of cold foods and drinks on the body. A good diet is loaded with natural, whole foods. It’s actually better to get your nutrition from local seasonable natural foods than  supplements. Lastly, Chinese medicine prescribes a good dining experience for better health. It’s important to dine in a happy atmosphere with an appreciative mind. This improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrition and avoid food-related illnesses.

Lifestyle Change such as going to bed earlier and not abuse yourself. Not abuse yourself means avoiding  drugs, alcohol, smoking, complicated or active social life, or overdue yourself, etc.

Moral Cultivation to manage stress, simplify life and control desires.

All of our treatments are custom made to fit each individual’s needs
and dig out the root of your health problems. We aim for an end result of optimum organ function as well as a  harmonized and peaceful total body health.

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