Insomnia Testimonials

Insomnia Testimonials

Insomnia Testimonials Below testimonials prove acupuncture treatments are effective to solve insomnia problem.

  • I received acupuncture treatment from Frieda & had a great experience. I have a lot of issues due to the stress I endure in my career as a law enforcement.Issues w/IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), menstrual issues, sleeping & talking in my sleep. Frieda was extremely knowledge in this field & was able to answer any questions that i had. During the treatment, I experienced no pain but in fact felt extremely relaxed.The next day, since my treatment I have not spoken in my sleep & I am not sleep walking.Furthermore, I have been consistent in going to the bathroom every day. It is rare that I have a bowel movement every single day. In fact I normally go every 3 to 4 days.When I get back home, when I am seriously doing to look into  alternative medicine/acupuncture.Thank you to Frieda for opening my eyes to new options. Options that my own doctor could not give me.By Gail Gottfried at Zaandam Holland America on 12/12/09
  • Sleep Apnea
    Meeting Frieda and having her take care of so many of my problems has been a great experience.I can onto the beat with chronic pain and I am leaning with little to no pain.I have been on a sleep apnea machine for 2 years, but haven’t used it since my first treatment on board. I sleep great now, no insomnia.I would highly recommend that if you have one or more chronic issues with your body functions, please give Frieda a chance to make you well.By Ann Ball at Zaandam Holland America on 12/21/09
  • I had the most amazing cruise and it had nothing to do with the itinerary, food or wonderful daily activities. What made my cruise life changing was booking an appointment with Frieda, the Spa’s acupuncturist. You have no idea how terrified of needles I am. But I hurt my back packing and was solely responsible for taking care of my teenage daughter. I decided to try acupuncture after a massage only help so much and the masseuse recommended Frieda. The results were so incredible I  booked a total of nine appointments! Here’s how she helped eliminated headaches, energy level dramatically improved – daughter couldn’t keep! Improved low back pain, sciatica, mid and upper back tension, should and neck tension. Greatly improved blood circulation, resulting in stronger pulse. Improve appearance of varicose veins. Mood: so much improved! I can not tell you how much more relaxed I am! Frieda also treated me in the prevention of several condition my physician had already expressed concern forwards, including diabetes, arteriosclerosis, arthritis. My knee pain is gone. Improved sinus congestion, increased ease of air flow to lungs so I am not so breathless, vision improved. Acupuncture weight loss is offered and I found it to be particularly effective but I chose to concentrate my precious time with more urgent issues. Frieda also gave me exercises to do at home to continue my new path to a healthier life. Although this list appears lengthy, I assure you I have failed to mention many of the benefits of my treatments by Dr. Frieda Mah, acupuncturist at Navigator Day Spa during the week of September 30 – October 06, 2006.By Joan Wessel at Navigator, RRCL on October 06, 2006
  • During this last year my job has become progressively more stressful to the point when I would fall asleep easily every evening, but wake up after 4-5 hours and not be able to sleep again. I was hoping that this cruise would relax me enough to get back to my former sleeping pattern of 7-8 has of sleep every right.I attended a lecture aboard the ship by the acupuncturist. She was explaining how stress regretfully affected the organs in your body and I decided to give it a try.After the 1st treatment my physical body finally relaxed. The second treatment relaxed my emotional and mental state to the point where I just needed to let my body rest for the next 16 hours. The third treatment brought all my states of mind into balance and brought me peace and relaxations and I was finally able to laugh and enjoy this wonderful trip.By Karin LeBer at Zaandam Holland America on 12/18/09

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