Insomnia Causes

Insomnia Causes

Insomnia Causes 

Insomnia causes, according to the diagnostic and clinical experience of the traditional Chinese medicine, we  have the following conclusions:

Insomnia causes which are time-related

  1. During 11:00 PM ~ 1: 00 AM cannot fall to sleep or wake up at that time period is the problem of the gallbladder. Often, it also involves a liver problem.
  2. From 1:00 AM~ 3: 00 AM, cannot fall to sleep or wake up at that time period should treat the liver.
  3. If 3:00 AM~ 5: 00 AM, cannot fall to sleep or wake up at that time period is the lungs’ health issues.

Insomnia causes which are Organ related

  1. A shallow sleep or waking up frequently is the heart problems. Shallow sleep can be heart blood deficiency. It companies falling hair on the head. Acupuncturists can solve the heart blood deficiency.According to Chinese medicine, spleen pushes enzymes from the pancreas, absorb nutrition and deliver to all of the whole body organisms. The kidney controls bone marrow. The original metabolism fuel of yang qi and lungs that supply Zhong-qi to help to make blood. Only Chinese medicine has the complete explanation for the body physiology. Please come back to learn it later.However, in the western medicine, only the bone marrow makes blood.In the Chinese medicine, liver controls head hair growth. Kidney controls the hair color.Western medicine only focuses on solving one issue of the hair problem.Using the Chinese medicine to solve the hair problem from the root of the liver and kindly, the whole body health gets improved.

    The heart fire* can cause insomnia too. The heart fire goes upward.  It disturbs the heart cannot host the Shen to rest in the heart in the night. You can confirm the red color in the inner canthus of the eyes. It causes heart and kidney disharmony.

    *Fire in Chinese medicine means too much extra heat. The blockage of the Qi pathway causes fraction with the passing Qi and generates the heat. Too much heat induces fear. This fire has no flame. And it will show red color on a FIR image. It also shows signs of the body. It is very accurate. That’s how acupuncturists do diagnosis without ordering a machine test.

Inner Cantus

Insomnia causes 5: Inner Canthus to diagnose the heart fire, causing wake up often if it is red.

Worry or think too much or any emotion prolonged cause the heart fire. The other symptoms can see irritability, palpitation, little or no moss tongue coating, rapid pulse, hot palms, heat sensation on the throat, and mouth feel dryness, red tongue tip, etc.

Frequent intercourse also can cause the heart fire. Frequent intercourse makes the kidney yin (water) deficiency. Thus, kidney yin cannot nourish the heart and put down the heart heat. It makes these two organs harmonized. In this case, accompanied symptoms could be a sore back, nocturnal emission, back pain, hot flashes, night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, etc.

  1. Nocturnal urination is the kidney yang deficiency problem. For kidney dialysis patients, it will take longer time both in each session and the whole period of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing (CHUEH) adjustments.Under the kidney dialysis treatments, it is difficult to get out of the alternative treatments. The dialysis adds burden to the kidney.It is a tug of war with the other alternative treatments. Especially, there is no positive long-lasting result from the alternative treatments. When the patient does not want to keep away from eating cold property and/or temperature foods and or drinks.

    For the functions already damaged kidney should not increase their burden. And the kidney dialysis patients ought to follow the nutritionist arranged diet.  To avoid eating high potassium foods in order to avoid potential irregular heartbeat. Especially the tachycardia* that could cause death 194. You may seek good quality TCM treatments.*Tachycardia means an abnormally rapid heart beating rate.

    Thus, from the time that wakes one up from sleep, we can know which organ has functional issues.

  1. There is a Chinese old saying goes: “If the stomach is not harmony, there is insomnia.” Once the stomach is discomfort, it affects the Shen to rest.  Maybe someone has experienced after a big dinner. During the night, he will wake up from the stomach pain. Right?
  1. Have a motor mind means the mind is hardly calm down to sleep or get focused to do many things.  It is the spleen problem. The root cause can involve kidney or liver function issues. Typically, it takes the time to get better until all of the organs’ functions recovered to some extent. Then, insomnia goes away.
  2. The tongue falls backward and blocks the airway from the cardiac weak problem. It leads to sleep apnea. Or the nose cannon breathes well from the lung problems, or a Governor Meridian Qi deficiency also has the result of sleep apnea.

    Insomnia causes which are symptom related

  3. The liver fire and/or gallbladder fire, heart fire and lung fire cause wield dreams. More severe fire, cause nightmares. You can follow the Chapter Seven of the book mentioned moving hands downward gently to guide the fire going downward.
  •  The heart qi deficiency or both of the heart and spleen deficiency, kidneys and the heart disharmony, the heart and gallbladder qi deficiency and phlegm fire disturbance internally, etc. are all the causes of a lot of dreams.
  • Both of the heart and spleen deficiency caused a lot of dreams may company symptoms. That can a paled face, palpitations, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, loose stools, does not like to talk, tiredness, etc.
  • Kidneys and heart disharmony may also have other symptoms. They can be an irritability and insomnia, irritability and heart palpitations, waist and knee soreness and without strength, hot flushes and night sweats, etc.
  • Symptoms accompany with the heart and gallbladder qi deficiency can be easily under panic attack, trance, emotional restlessness, palpitations, etc.
  • Phlegm generates fire and induced a lot of dreams. The patient should have the symptoms as extra phlegm, dizziness, irritability, palpitations, chest distension, etc.
  • How to expel fire (heat) and phlegm is already mentioned in Chapter eleven of the book. If you forget, please find it out, read, highlight it and even wrote it down.You will use it often.
  • Driving while sleep, it’s due to liver toxins accumulated.
  • Dream and speech, it’s caused by a high stress.
  • Doing sleep-walking or cooking or housework during sleep: It’s due to a high mental stress or liver accumulates toxins from food additives or drugs or go to bed too late, or environmental toxins, etc.
  • Wake up from sweats during sleep: It’s either yin deficiency or could be cancer. It cannot be solved as a Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing beginner. Ask the client to get Chinese medicine and/or professional medical care.If can treat it earlier and right, besides no insomnia and night sweats, the patient will not get cancer. Therefore, there is no silent killer in the Chinese medicine.
  • Sleep and wake up from the pain: It can be a simple muscle pain or trauma or surgery cause. If it is visceral pain, in addition, to adjust by the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing, ask the client to get professional medical attention.
  • Due to fear of the dark and not dare to sleep, it’s the kidney problems.  Chapter Two of the book mentioned the case.
  • Emotions abnormal too long, eventually go to the heart to cause the heart fire leads to waking up often. Due to the heat of the fire, the Shen can not enter into the heart to rest.
Insomnia causes 9: Inner Cantus to diagnose the heart fire, causing wake up often if it is red.

Insomnia causes 9: Inner Cantus to diagnose the heart fire, causing wake up often if it is red.

The treatment for each cause is list in Chapter Eleven of the book

A Wealth of Health-Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia

Note: The symptoms and organ relationship, please refer to the  Appendix 4 Basic TCM Theory in the book.

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