How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Balance the Body?

How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Balance the Body?

How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Balance the Body? We all know that when anyone’s body is balanced or in homeostasis situation, then, this person is healthy.  We also agree that Traditional Chinese Medicine is excellent to balance one’s body. How can Traditional Chinese Medicine balance one’s body to achieve his.her highest health status?

  1. With acupuncture. We have meridians inside our body that like rivers to supply nutrition and life needed substances all over our body; bring hormone, immune cells, oxygen, etc. to our body needed spots. Moreover, they flow away unneeded stuff such as toxins, dead blood, stagnated energy, etc. and expel out our body from pi, pu, sweating and breathing. We will do diagnosis first to see which organ and/or meridians got affected, then, we insert needles to induce energy flow. It likes open the gates (blockages) among the rivers (meridians). Likes the water, eventually, the water will flow and reach the same level to get balanced.
  2.  Besides acupuncture, we have Chinese qi gong to do slower but the same effects as acupuncture to help maintain health; herbs to balance yin and yang, open blockage, nourish blood, etc.; moxibution; diet by using food as herbs to treat mild sickness or for weak patients who cannot take herbs to get quicker results; tui-na (more techniques than massage and more focus on acupressure), scraping (gusha to incentive superficial layers’ circulation) moral cultivation that ride off emotion caused sicknesses and it’s the major cause for nowadays sicknesses. Though acupuncture can help to soothe emotions and strengthen organs to reducing organs impaired function caused aggregation to emotional impact.
  3. However, the most important is to balance the yin and yang (if you do not know it, please refer to traditional Chinese medicine theory.

a.      For acupuncture, we have points to sedate extra heat (yang), when energy flows, yang gets boosted up. If yang has too deficiency, we even can use moxibustion or call moxa to boost it up.

b.       For herbs, we have neutral, hot, cold proprieties; and going up, down, pushing energy/blood to four limbs, going outside or going inside to guide the other herbs directions; tonifying blood or qi herbs; break hard stasis such as cancer, tumor, dead blood, etc. blockages, etc.

It can be a whole hour class or a series classes to talk more details or use years to talk about more complicated cases. Here, we just give you a brief idea.

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