How Chinese Medicine Helping Patients Avoid Cancer?

How Chinese Medicine Helping Patients Avoid Cancer?

How Chinese Medicine Helping Patients Avoid Cancer? Chinese medicine teaches people how to keep a cancer free body internal environment. It harmonizes the yin and yang, Qi and blood, as well as all organ functions.

As the chemicals are broadly abused, plus highly stressful life, cancer is a lot more popular than before. It’s gradually not a surprise to hear someone who we know has been diagnosed with cancer.

It’s a stressful and fearful experience for hearing self or a loved one got cancer under the western medicine. However, if the patient can calm down, there are huge chances that the patient can survive healthily later and still enjoy a happy life for longevity.

Now, let’s share that how does traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) help patients to avoid cancer. Due to there are a couple of thousand years of numerous successful cancer treatment cases in Chinese medical history.

Even though in the California, we are regulated to treat cancer patients for side effects from chemotherapy, radiation therapies, and/or surgery. Besides that, we follow TCM to boost up your organ’s functions and balance your body’s yin and yang to make your body’s internal environment becomes a place that is not fitting cancer cells to survive and not be invaded by other diseases if you are a positive thinking person.

By doing so, can avoid you repeated chemotherapy or radiation treatments. We also teach you how to avoid getting cancer. As long as your hands and feet have the normal body temperature and warm, you do not need to worry about cancer due to cancer cells like to live in a cold environment.

There are different approaches in the Chinese medicine and western medicine toward to treat disease and cancer. For the western medicine, killing, cut off are widely used.

There are different approaches in the Chinese medicine and western medicine toward to treat disease and cancer. For the western medicine, killing, cut off are widely used.
However, in the traditional Chinese medicine, it changes the patient’s internal environments to let pathogens have no way to stay in the body and help patients to do self-healing after pathogens gone to help patients to meet the health standard.

There are causes that fit the cancer cells to grow inside the body:

  • Extra nutrition, especially the subtract nutrients from natural foods with or without chemical extraction or chemically made nutrients. Due to they are too small and can directly feed cancer cells.Usually, only our normal cells can request our body to secret enzyme(s) to chop down food and get needed nutrients. However, for cancer cells, virus, bacteria are low-level organisms that cannot order enzyme secretion. These low-level organisms only by the chance to get floated nutrients from blood.However, when the patient takes supplements, the cancer cells can get fed easily and grow faster. The first thing needs to do is to let the cancer cells under starving in order for not growing too soon.You might ask that cancer patients need nutrition to fight cancer. Yes. However, the nutrition in Chinese medicine is different with the western medicine.

    Moreover, all nutrients should go through our spleen to help chop down foods, be absorbed and delivered to different organs. Each organ delivery its specific nutrients to it manifested organisms such as the heart deliveries nutrients to blood vessels and blood, kidneys, deliver nutrients to bone marrows, bone, and brain. Liver deliveries nutrients to tendons and spleen deliveries nutrients to muscles. Lungs deliver nutrients to the skin and skin hairs.

    Usually, we strengthen the patient’s spleen function and ask patients to eat natural, non-processed foods with varying colors and tastes to get needed nutrients for all organs. If like the western medicine to feed the patient needed nutrients, eventually, the patient will not secret the needed nutrient enzyme anymore. Then, the patient will shortage for the nutrient forever.

  • Warm up the patient’s body and teach him/her how to exercise to warm up his/her body. Cancer cells only survive in a cold environment. If the patient’s body temperature is normal, then, there is no environment for cancer cells to survive.
  • The body’s normal temperature is the palms of the hands and soles of the feet are warmer than any other part of the body. When feet are warm, it means that even in the winter time, you do not need to cover your feet to sleep. Look all bears and other animals that live in the icy cold environment, they can use bare feet to walk or run in the snow!

However, your forehead should cooler than your palm, especially for the lung cancer patient. By warming up the body, it improves circulation that reduces the pain. In Chinese medicine, anything blocking energy and/or blood flow can cause pain and potential build up diseases.

In addition, if people have warm feet and hands, there is no worry for heart diseases due to the heart is strong enough to deliver blood to the farthest part of the body and no worry for cancer due to there is no cold body for cancer cells to live in.

There is a Taiwanese MD called Li, Feng who insists her cancer patients climbing a mountain to get sweating, change lifestyle and diet to be a vegetarian after a couple of times of repeated chemotherapy and got to ride off her cancer. Then, she shared her experience out that cancer is not a dead-end for life, but a turning point in life to check what should be improved in life, such as overworked, wrong diet, etc. to have a healthy and happy life later. She personally used this way to cure her own cancer more than 30 years ago.

On the other hand, you heard about all kind cancers, but not the heart cancer. My cardiovascular surgeon-patient told me that he did see cancer cells resident on the heart membranes. However, when they try to invade the heart, they are killed by heart’s high temperature. It’s due to heart pumping and generates heat to supply whole body’s warm temperature. The heart is the hottest organ in our body.

Now, you can realize that not too high temperature already can kill the cancer cells. Therefore, climb a mountain or do exercises to sweat out can help a patient recovering from cancer. There is also gathered many repeated cancer patients from different places to learn the Zijiu gong* and get cancer cells be killed by their own body. By sweating out, toxins have been expelled out of the body and circulation has been improved. Many chronic diseases also can get improved.

*Zijiu gong is a form of qigong i.e. Chinese style exercise that each movement is slow and collaborating with breathing.

It’s achieved by two folds:
a. Sweating out toxins to unblock energy and blood flow that boosts up immunity.
b. Zi Jiu Gong keeps doing one posture for a long time to let patients ride off unneeded thinking, extra material desires and more focus on limited body needs.

If anyone can put down unneeded burden mentally and physically, it’s easier to maintain health. It’s due to Qi flowing in the body has nothing blocking it.

In Chinese medicine, to achieve health is not hard: have free flowing Qi and blood harmonized with a positive mindset. That’s simple. Western medicine makes health too complicated. Without doing so, it’s harder to make money or control the patient. Instead, Chinese medicine puts more responsibility on the patient to control his diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. The Chinese medicine physicians are the facilitator for the patients’ health to let the patient’s body recover its function by itself.

The mistake of the western medicine, especially of the insurance makes patients rely on the health care professionals to prove their health. Many patients also misuse the system and health care professionals without notice their wrong act.

If add moral cultivation, it accelerates the speed to be healthy.
There is another way to keep you healthy by doing comprehensive universal energy healing. You will have self-healing power in your hands to maintain your health. Moreover, if you carry out the universal codes of ethics in your daily life will make your life smoother and feel more satisfaction. By doing so, you are easy to get out of cancer’s shadow and enjoy a quality life.

In addition, anyone can practice 5 minutes Da Zhou Tian per day to boost up the energy, immunity and improve health.

We will guide you how to relax by meditations and use comprehensive universal energy healing to do self-healing, open your mind and soul to be positive thinking. Bad emotion is usually the main trigger for cancer.
We also help you to detoxify your emotions. However, you are the master of your emotion. If you do not change your mind setting and/or view to the world, we are hard to help you getting longevity. But we can guide you how to improve if you want and you need to collaborate in order to turn your life around. Please refer to moral cultivation and cultivate moral can avoid disasters. By practicing moral cultivation, your body, mind and soul total frequency will raise up to help you against sicknesses.

There are cases that when cancer patients noticed life will end soon. They quit their jobs to traveling or staying with family to enjoy life. The happiness made their cancers went away. It’s due to when one is happy, the heart secrets three enzymes to kill cancers.

We clean cancer patient’s liver toxins and tell cancer patients how to change their diet to make their blood to be alkaline. The alkaline environment is also not beneficial for cancer cells to survive.

Acupuncture and herbal treatments also can change a patient’s blood to be alkaline.

In addition, if people have warm feet, there is no worry for heart diseases due to the heart is strong enough to deliver blood to feet and no worry for cancer due to there is no cold body for cancer to live in.

We request the patient to change diet to have more warm property foods. If there are cold property foods, add ginger, paper, cinema. Stop to drink cold/ice water. Change in diet from meat to be vegetables. It’s due to the stress, chemical intake makes blood become acidic. Use vegetables to change blood to be alkaline will cut cancer cell’s surviving rate. This is a modern way to do so due to ancient time or 20~30 years ago, there did not have so many chemicals involved in foods.

If there is a water retention inside the body, we will expel the extra water due to the extra water will supply nutrients and happy environment for cancer cells to survive. Moreover, the extra water staying in the body for a longer time, the body temperature makes the water sticky to be visible and invisible phlegms. Especially the invisible phlegm always caused unknown diseases in the western medicine.

Depends on each different patient’s situation, traditional Chinese medicine boosts up the patient’s organs’ functions and balance them to regain homeostasis to restore health.
Please also check how to prevent cancers.

If you can get a good acupuncturist or a good Chinese medicine physician to balance your body and recover its normal functions, then, your body will be no longer fit cancer cells to survive. Chinese medicine does not use the killing method to treat. Therefore, it does no harm your body.

Meanwhile, boost up your immunity, strengthen your body constitution and soothe your emotional stress to avoid cancer. However, if you want to keep healthy without any cancer or sickness, moral culture, exercises, good diet, positive thinking and healthy lifestyles are all important.

Getting cancer is an excellent chance to think over your life goal, longings, discontents, lifestyle, diet, exercises, etc. face them and make needed changes to have a better life.

Please watch Dying To Be Me.

You also can use Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to prevent sickness and/or prevent cancer. The Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing teaches you an exercise to boost up your immunity, gratitude to lift frequency and many others to maintain yang Qi that keeps cancer cells away from your body.

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