How and Why Acupuncture Works?

Our body functions are highly relaying on blood and lymph circulation in western medicine to bring nutrient, immunity, neurotransmitters, hormones,  etc. to needed sites and carry away toxins including body wastes from metabolisms.

In Chinese medicine, we emphasize qi (energy) and blood flow. In western medicine, blood flow is pumping by heart. But, in Chinese medicine, qi inside meridians also help to blood circulation and  qi is always leading blood flow.

Qi flowing does two important things: bring in needed stuffs including nutrient, immunities, etc. to cells and carry away toxins including metabolism waste along its path way. Therefore, all of its path ways cells get renewed.

Every meridian at least passes two organs. It means that all of the organs direct and indirect (such as internal/external linked and follow time flowing linked meridians. You can get better idea by go to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory to read) be renewed.

Due to all kind circulated materials inside our body such as food nutrients, water, hormones, immunity materials, etc. are electrolytes.  and needle is made by metals thus it leads more electrolytes flow that is what we called qi flow. Therefore, needle inserting induce stronger electrolytes flowing thus dilated the blood vessels. Therefore, it helps the qi circulation as well as helps the blood circulation. By manipulate needle moving directions disturbing of electrolytes flow directions. Therefore, we can direct energy to different part of the body as well as do tonify or sedation of the meridian’s qi flow amount. In addition, we can reduce any blockage and/or stagnation or with moxibution/external used herbs if the stagnation is severe such as tumor, dead blood, bone spurn, etc.

In Chinese medicine, acupuncture can treat pain is due to clear the blockage due to anything blocked energy and blood flow that as severe as can deviate our body function will cause pain to catch our attention in order to keep our body function normally.

In western medicine, the scientists explanation is due to our body secrete endorphins and serotonin to relieve the pain.

In Chinese Medicine, all of the five zang organs (solid organs as kidneys, liver, heart, spleen and lungs) are in balance, there is normal level secretion of endocrines and neurotransmitters such as estrogen, serotonin and noradrenaline to keep us have good mood, happy, healthy, in good shape, alert, etc. due to with no/less blockage to organs, organs can function better that leads to brain function better due to each organ nourishes and control different part of the brain and the whole brain is controlled by the kidneys.

There is a Chinese quantum physics professor – Lu, Shui Xian (盧遂現  量子物理學教授) discovered that after acupuncture treatment, along meridian, there are helix water patten particles well aligned along meridians and it’s the first time that meridians’ exist can be proved by scientific explanation. Before acupuncture, there is no regulated pattern for water particles.

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