How A Mother’s Health Can Affect Kid’s Health?

How A Mother’s Health Can Affect Kid’s Health?

How A Mother’s Health Can Affect Kid’s Health? discusses how a mother’s health and emotional disturbance the health of a fetus or the new born.

Actually, both parents’ health can affect the next generation’s health. However, before pregnant, can use Chinese medicine to nourish both couples’ health to be their best condition to get a healthier, happier, easier to deal and smarter child.

One day, I had a male patient visited me. His wife and their only child followed.

By observation, I told them that both of their kidneys have deficiency that caused their son a lot on going symptoms – shorter than his age’children, asthma, cough, running noise, etc.

The father asked me why? I asked them that if a poor family can have much money to put on kid’s pocket or not?

I told the mother:
It’s better to let him get treated when he is young to adjust his constitution. The mother replied “Yes. We do.”
How long did you do it? “Long time.”
Is there any improvement? “Not obviously.”
Do you want to be treat here? “China‘s herb is a lot cheaper and I only pay herbs fee.”……

The parent bought glass bottle drinks for kid, toys, ….instead of letting him drink water, ……..

I saw the kid’s painful expressions. After I finished father’s moxibustion and asked parents’ permission, I called the kid’s in to give him a free moxibustion treatment and let his parents watch his improvement and look his happy face coming out…

A poor constitution couples give their egg and sperm less essences or in the western words – less chance of healthy egg and sperms to produce a strong constitution child.

However, there are ways to make up the child’s deficiency such as during pregnancy, give more rest, more nutrition, make potential mother’s emotion be happier, looking for a Chinese medicine physician to take care, do some mild qi gong, etc. or after child birth, when kids is young before stop growing but as early as possible, give medical massage (good Chinese physician knows how to do it) before feeding normal food, acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs, balanced nutrition plus herbal diet, exercises (Chinese exercise of longevity qi gong) , give kid a healthy and happy life, all will help to make up the deficiency kid’s constitution and make his/her rest life healthier and happier.

Though both parents’ health affects next generation’s health, a mother’s constitution and emotional health have more influence for next generation’s health.

Therefore, we would like to discuss this topic in small parts:

  1. Emotional Disturbance During Pregnancy
  2. Irregular Menstruation and more topics will be written when I finished my energy healing book- “Universal Abundant Love is in Your Hands“- I am thinking to let 100 (or whatever number that I feel be encouraged such as more real comments, input, etc., I will give out more free copies when there are more peoples who are giver type person instead of pure a taker.) people can get free download to write review for me.

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