Stop Hurting Chinese Medicine’s Herb Field

Stop Hurting Chinese Medicine’s Herb Field

Stop Hurting Chinese Medicine’s Herb Field For decades, the western medicine field keeps hurting Chinese medicine field and uncounted patients without notice. Hope this article can wake up all of the whole world’s health-related policy makers to have qualified Chinese medicine professional seats in their decision-making board. It is needed.

Nowadays, the powerful Chinese medicine is broadly researched. The bad news is it caused a huge disaster for the Chinese medicine field: Besides shortage for specific famous herbs is used in the western medical world, the real typical disasters are listed below:

Baned Usable Herb

  1. Due to discovering a herb is toxic, the herb is banned from legal herb list such as Ephedra. We use a small dosage of it with a variety of the other herbs, but the western world uses relatively too big subtracted dosage from a single herb and caused severe health issues. The toxic under certain dosage is safe for the patients. As an acupuncturist, we follow our ancestor’s wisdom to use the dosage within the no harm amount without the patient being hurt by its toxicity.Again, the advanced or the so-called smart medicines, cannot replace thousand years human wisdom. If using the machine tested toxicity to against the Chinese thousand years’ medical practitioners’ wisdom is a very improper act.
  2. Only the root of the Asarum has no toxic but not its stem and leaves. A dedicated Chinese herbalist uses its root only, before the Cultural Revolution. However, due to the other parts of the Asarum have toxins, its potent dosage is limited below its potent dosage by the legislative department.It likes the potato, only the root can be eaten. The stem and leaves have toxins. Should the policy maker ban the cheap and easy growing potato to feed people? Or, limit each family to buy certain weight of the potato?
  3. Chinese use ginger to process the Pinelliaternata before using it. For more than a couple of thousand years, it does no harm for patients. But, now, due to it was used alone and caused trouble. It was banned. It was widely used to expel phlegm that usually caused unknown diseases in the western medicine field.

Waste Herb

The western medical world only uses a small part of a herb and discard the rest majority of the herb. There should be the other useful ingredients in the herb without being discovered. That causes a huge waste of the precious herbal resources. Especially some herbs only survive in certain climates, height, and soils.

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Make the Life-Saving Herbs Shortage Supplies

Besides the usable herbs be banned, the western medical field has a higher profit than the Chinese medical field in general. Plus Chinese medicine, herbs is not covered by any insurance. The increased herbal needs for research and health food store products that consumed the major supply of the raw herbs from the top resource chain. It caused usable herbs shortage in the market.

Moreover, the government inspection agency does not check the low content or no content of the effective ingredients in a herb. That causes a high percentage of the subtracted effective ingredient herbs in the market.

Besides see the tremendous increased severely sick patients, plus the above mentioned herbal disasters, no matter how hard or lonely, I must point out the mistakes made to the Chinese medicine field. My braveness is coming from the silent voices of the uncounted victimized patients who already die or severely sick.

Please also read Medical Field’s Treasure – Chinese Medicine. You can learn the beauty of the Chinese medicine. The ancient Chinese medicine does solve many nowadays no clue diseases by nature herbs, acupuncture, etc.

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