Heart Problem Caused Deviated Menstruation Flow Chart

In case of the heart function is deviated,the heart presses less or no milk downward to the uterus and Ren Meridian, the milk flowing rout will be changed and lead the following problems:

  1. If milk flows to the heart, it leads LUPUS.
  2. If the milk stays inside the breast, prolonged, it spoiled and leads to breast cancer.
  3. If milk flows to the lungs, it develops lungs cancer.
  4. If milk flows through T6 and enters spinal cord, it leads blood cancer.
  5. If milk flows up to the brain, it leads brain tumor.
  6. If milk follows San Jiao System flowing to the lymphoid system, it induces lymphoma.
  7. If milk flows through liver meridian (It connects to the nipples.) to the liver, leading to liver cancer.


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