Heart Diseases and Blood Vessel Problems in Chinese Medicine Chart 1

Heart diseases and blood vessel problems is the number one killer in the whole world. If we know the causes, we can prevent the heart diseases and blood vessel problems. If we know the right treatments, we can save the medical cost even the lives.

Heart and Blood Vessels Problems Chart 1 rev1


  1. This table is based on Chinese Medicines Theory and Clinic Experiences.
  2. Chinese Medicines request diet and life style change. Without change, the root problem cannot be solved.
  3. It’s important for you to understand some basic Chinese Medicine Theory in order to realize this table.
  4. Due to many causes, facts, symptoms and treatments are multi-linked. Therefore, in order to get the table short,  it’s hardly to list them one by one correspondent.
  5. Surgery causes permanent irreversible change to your body. That might deviated some body functions later. There are many substitute treatments for surgery. It’s better to do your home work before scheduling your surgery appointment.
  6. In case of blood vessels blockage in the heart, there is blockage in the whole body. You’d better to find a good Traditional Chinese Medicine physician to solve your problem thoroughly instead of only treat your blood vessels in your heart .
  7. When high school or college age played ball game and got ball hit chest, when pass 50 years old can have chest pain mimic as heart failure or heart pain.
  8. This table does not cover all kind heart diseases and blood vessel problems and it is not perfect enough. In case of any correction or concerns, please contact with the author or put down your comments below. Thanks very much.

To be continued at Heart Diseases and Blood Vessel Problems in Chinese Medicine Chart 2.

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