Healthy Heart Part 2

Healthy Heart Part 2

Healthy Heart Part 2

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Healthy Heart Part 1 – A person has a healthy heart will be always happy as well as live a satisfying life by having more appreciation and tolerance toward the others.

In addition, they have:

  1. Have a restful sleep: In Chinese Medicine, the heart hosts the shen (spirit). Shen comes out in the daytime to give us alertness. At night time, during our sleep, it goes back to the heart to rest. If the heart is healthy and without other health issues, you can sleep through the night without waking up frequently, without having lots of dreams, without shallow sleep, but resulting in a profound and sweet sleep.Additionally, the heart needs to have enough blood in order to host the shen. Regarding the blood circulation, there are different theories. First, Western Medicine says that the heart pumps blood to cause circulation. Chinese Medicine says that both the pumping of the heart and the meridians’ energy flow to push the blood flowing. Both of the heart pumping and meridians energy flow collaborate to get good circulation. Secondly, Western Medicine treats blood flow like a stream flowing through the heart. However, in the traditional Chinese Medicine Medicine’s physiology, the blood flows to the heart, stays there a very short time, then, it is pushed out by blood flowing in. The right theory is the blood flows in, stops, and then flows out, instead of flowing in and out right away. Once the patient has had a negative traumatic experience, the blood flow will be as Western Medicine describes, flowing as a stream. In this case, the shen has no place to reside. Or, a patient has blood deficiency. Both of these cases can cause shallow sleep or constantly wake up. In Chinese Medicine, we can treat both conditions and make the circulation and amount of blood flow return to their normal conditions. This means only if the spine, liver, heart, spleen, kidneys, and lungs’ functions have not been severely damaged by chemotherapy, surgery or any other harmful treatments, the normal condition can be reinstalled. With our body’s strong self-healing power and with traditional Chinese Medicinal treatments, there is a high probability that our body will return to its normal and proper function.
  2. Lovely Mind: Love overflows to help others. When a person has a healthy heart with a healthy body, his/her love can flow to family and others from within.  If the individual is a boss, he/she will treat their subordinates in a more humanitarian way. If the person is a teacher, he/she will be more tolerant toward the mistakes of the students, without letting the student failing the class and will give a reasonable amount of homework that will allow the student a life outside the classroom.  In Chinese Medicine the heart also controls the tongue; a person with a healthy heart will have more chances to encourage others instead of blaming and/or putting them down.
  3. Good Outlook: Vivid facial expressions without the need for makeup. The heart controls facial expressions. A person with a healthy heart will not only show a shiny and beautiful complexion but his/her facial expressions will also be pleased with a natural smile.
  4. Good Body Shape: Since the heart transmits heat to the small intestine, it helps to keep the function of the small intestine healthy. Without the interference of other organ’s abnormal functions, there will be no over-eating or extra food/waste storage in the small intestine, which can help a person to maintain a good shape of the abdomen and waist.Want to learn more beauties about a healthy heart?To be continuous on Healthy Heart Part 3.

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