Healthy Heart Part 1

Healthy Heart Part 1

Healthy Heart Part 1

If a person has a healthy heart without other organ’s problem to affect heart’s health, then his/her life will be like living in a heaven.

A person has a healthy heart will have the following characteristics:

  1. Always Happy: In Chinese Medicine, the heart controls joy. When the heart is healthy, there is always a feeling of happiness coming from it.
  2. Live a satisfying life by having more appreciation and tolerance toward the others: A healthy heart rejoices in a highly satisfying life, and it is expressed by showing appreciation to other people and things that happen to them. In a like manner, the individual also shows more tolerance to daily situations. I commonly hear from my patients’ statements like “Frieda, how come before your treatment, I felt a thing that I encountered before was big and sever stuff and I needed to fight back or become mad. Now, for the same thing, I just feel that it’s a piece of cake. There is no need for fighting or getting mad.” Or, “For the last day of the cruise, I saw the long line to complain or argue about the prices charged, I felt stress. However, after your treatment, when I saw the long waiting line, I will say in my mind that your guys keep coming, I am happy to serve you. It’s not a big deal to me!” Or, “I even can smile with my clients instead of having a poker face when I look at them!” Or, “After your treatments, I see the world is so lovely instead of being in a bad mood. I only want to smile about everything!” You can see what kind of changes there are after patients getting treatments.Want to learn more beauties about a healthy heart?

To be continuous on Healthy Heart Part 2.

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