Health Standard

Health Standard

You can get the health standard and a lot beneficial information from Dr. Ni, Hai Sha’s website at

There is no health standard for the western medicine except that there is the standard for diseases in the traditional western medicine.

Below are the indicators for a healthy person from Prof. Ni, Hai-Sha’s (1953-2012) definition of health standard. Therefore, you do not need rely on machine or doctor to tell you that you are healthy. You can surely know that you are healthy or not.

  1. Can sleep overnight without waking up.
  2. Normal appetite: intake moderate.
  3. Urinate 5-7 times a day, morning and some of the first urine yellow and then, the urine is light yellow.
  4. One bowel movement daily, after menopause lady has bowel movements twice a day is better.  stool is formed in a long strip (not as thin as a  pencil, too short or rounded), yellow brown color.
  5. Palm and bottom of feet are warmer than the other parts of the body, forehead should cooler than palm. If the feet should be covered when sleep, then the feet are cold.
  6. For a well developed adult, when morning wake up, the nipples or the penis would be able to stand.

Besides the above mentioned, a healthy person should also be mentally healthy: Who should be energetic, alert, in good shape, reasonable, happy and more appreciation to life.

Moreover, a healthy person should have healthy physical body, mind and soul. Please grasp the “A Wealth of Health!: Self-Healing, Universal Therapies for Pain, Stress and Insomnia“.

Though physical health affects mind and soul’s health and mind/soul’s health affect physical’s health. When one’s physical health is off normal and under life stress or unavoidably intake chemicals such as food additives, environmental pollution, electronic radiations, etc., and there is no habit to do qi gong, follow health life style every day, it is better to get acupuncture treatment once a week or once a month or every other week or  2~3 times/week depends on each one’s financial ability, health situation and strength of health putting down factors (stress, chemicals intake, etc.) in order to maintain one’s highest health standard. Otherwise, delayed treatment can cause severe and costly sickness later especially getting older.

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