Hang on the monkey bar

Hang on the Monkey Bar

Hang on the monkey bar   It’s an easiest self-healing – hang on the money bar.

Go to hang on a monkey bar everyday 3-5 min that help you
  1. Loosen your back muscles and tendons.
  2. By doing so, all of your organs get more qi and blood supply to do self-repair.
  3. That can recover their functions. Meanwhile, mutual balance.
  4. You will gradually feel more energy.
  5. Grow more black hair and bread.
  6. It helps many back issues: back muscle pain, muscle spasm, pinch nerve, herniated disc, mild sprain your back, mild scoliosis, etc.
The only caution is not to hang on too high to avoid jumping on land to give your problem back a severe impact on landing to further injure your back.

© Frieda Mah, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Coach