Gua Sha-Chinese Folk Therapy

Gua Sha-Chinese Folk Therapy

Gua Sha-Chinese Folk Therapy   Gua sha can expel cold flu, pain, relax muscles and tendons, expel superficial and not deep extra water and toxins, facial rejuvenation, etc.


What is gu sha?

Gua Sha therapy:

Gua sha tools:

The best gua sha tool is made from the jade, the next is buffalo horn, stone, then, can use stainless steels without a sharp edge. Some people use home kitchen, stainless steels that are easy to hold to do gua sha. Some people use plastics. Plastics is not good due to gua sha generating heat and go she needs to use oil to avoid skin injured, the plastic toxins might enter the body. Besides the material, the tool shape offers convenience to use in different body parts.

  1. Please watch the tool shapes instead of the brand. 9 Best Gua Sha Tools 2017
  2. Gua Sha – Facial Massage for Anti-Aging w/ Dr. Tina Hou

Knowledge needed for the gua sha therapy:

  1. Chinese medicine theories.
  2. Chinese medicine diagnosis skills.
  3. Knowing meridians and some important acupuncture points.
  4. Anatomy knowledge.
  5. Accumulate experiences.

When can stop Gua sha for each session:

  1. Normal stops a session when each spot has around 36 movements and well took care all needed spots.
  2. Abnormal is stated at “Contraindications for gua sha” #9.


Gua sha techniques: 

Only use a single direction repeated no more than 36 movements. It does not need to make pain or dark red or purple to be better. No color change means the client has no pertinent issues for the gua sha treatments or there are other reasons that the client does not fit to do gua sha such as too weak or has a blood deficiency (anemia).

  2. Young look:
  3. Jade Roller vs. Gua Sha | NO Wrinkles NO Breakouts! | aja dang

Contraindications and/or cautions for gua sha*:

  1. If you have no confidence or experience or not enough medical knowledge to do gua sha, it’s better to look for a professional service.
  2. For health maintenance gua sha instead of treating any health issues, only follow each meridian to do gentle gua sha to stimulate qi and blood flow is enough.
  3. Do a correct diagnosis and make sure the patient and patient’s situation fix gua sha.
  4. Do disinfection for the body gua she parts and the gua sha tools to be used.
  5. Places never do gua sha: Pregnant women’s abdomen and LI 4, skin broken places, previous gua sha places with the skin color not recovered yet, nodules or inflammation under the skin, neoplasm, injury places, bone fracture area, swollen, inflammation, ulcer, pregnant and/or menstruation female’s abdomen, wrist and pelvic area, nipples, big blood vessel passing such as the carotid artery passing area on the neck, big lymph node locations, tumor or nodule under the skin, skin infection disease area, eyes, mouth, tongue, ear, umbilicus, the triangle area from the space between the eyebrows to the mouth avoid gua sha to avoid breaking the skin and cause infection to damage the brain, lower two orifices, etc. Gua sha only can be done after 3-7 days after skin color recovered and to be strong enough to get another gua sha treatment.Varicose veins either not do it or with do it caution. Such as locates at the lower extremities, only gentle toward to upward. For the places that you do not sure can do gua sha or not, it’s better not touch.
  6. People never do gua sha: cold flu with fever as the main symptom, severe heat stroke, skin lost elasticity, infection disease, pain sensitive people, qi deficiency patient, Leukemia, thrombocytopenia, hemophilia patients, severe fatigue, too weak, super nerviness, low blood sugar (glucose) , empty stomach, anemia,  low blood platelets count, low blood pressure, the heart dysfunction or severe heart diseases, kidney dialysis, liver cirrhosis, brain has a blockage, over eating, drunk, mental diseases, Henoch-Schonlein Purpura people. Or, any people have negative sensitive reaction to the initial movements of the gua sha treatment.If you cannot sure the patient (client) can do gua sha or not, it’s better not to do it. Patient safety is the number one concern.
  7. If the client is painful sensitive, can take a hot water bath or shower right before the gu sha therapy.
  8. If your gua sha is correctly done, the client’s situation is not turning better, go to visit a medial professional immediately.
  9. If during gua sha, the client has the following situations: dizziness, facial turning to be white, palpitation, colder extremities, cold sweating, nausea or vomiting, stop gua so immediately. Give the client a cup of warm water. Light force gua sha at Baihuai, renzhong, neiguan, zusanli, yongquan acupuncture points. If condition does not get better, call 911 to send the client to the ER.
  10. Can do gua sha out of a single layer clothes without direct contacting the skin for a young child or head and use lighter force.
  11. Do not cover too big area to do gua sha and do not try to treat too many issues in the same session to avoid over stimulate the body.
  12. Keep fresh air in the treating room, but avoid the wind to blow to the client.


  13. Do not use force, especially for internal medicine issues. Keep gua sha tool 45 degree with the body can reduce the force.


  14. For face, joins, spine and head use gentle force with caution and shorter time to do gua sha.
  15. The common normal conditions after gua sha: pain, itching, like something moving inside, rashes or purplish, cold or heat comes out the body or body has too much dampness, can see blisters. The next gua sha session should always wait until after skin color fully recovers its color and be strong enough to get another gua sha. Otherwise, skin will be severely injured and get reverse effects.

  16. T7, facial and any sensitive position, use light force to avoid injury.

Gua sha treatments:
  1. Movie 1:40:22 in English speaking and Chinese script. Please watch it to increase mutual understanding of unknown things and avoid causing tragedies.
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  8. Neck and shoulder pain, fix with gua sha
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  10. Easy way to pull the invaded cold out of the body by Gua Sha (Scrapping).
    Gua sha also can reduce fever:
  11. There are more videos. You can go to YouTube to search it what do you want to learn.

Care after gua sha:

  1. Drink a cup warm or hot water with some salt or sugar.
  2. Cover the gua sha area with clothes to avoid wind, cold and dampness invades. If there is broken skin, cover with bandage. If blister, use a needle at the bottom of the blister, broken it and let water coming out, then, applies medicine and cover with bandage.
  3. Depends on the gua sha therapy mild or severe treatment, half hour to 3 hours do not take a cold water shower.


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