Frieda’s TCM Path

Frieda’s TCM Path

Frieda’s TCM Path

Frieda’s TCM Path has many unique discoveries. Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing and setting the Model City of Health is her main focus now.

In 1993, Frieda’s first patient was an early 40 years old female with menopause syndrome,  half body numbness, and severe fatigue that overnight sleep only supplied 15 minutes energy. After two more months raw herbal treatments, the patient’s all symptoms went away and energy went back to her early twenty years old:  3~4 hours sleep could work the whole day without tired.

It was a surprise to Frieda that human being’s physical age can be reversed! Meanwhile, human being’s body has very strong self-healing power. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment is to facilitate this self-healing power.

This case let Frieda deeply sank into traditional Chinese medicine‘s treasure until now.

Frieda entered Southern California University of Health Sciences and got a master degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2005. She got her California license right after graduation.

Frieda challenges to treat tougher and broader cases, in addition, to increase treatment effectiveness and long lasting results by following famous Chinese physicians, read Chinese classic books and do creative thinking for achieving patient’s highest health standard.

In 2010, Frieda went to Merritt Island, Florida to get clinical training from Dr. Ni, Hai-Sha for treating tough and/or rare cases in order to broaden her treatment scope.

From pure treating patients’ physical body by acupuncture, herbs, moxibustion, tui-na, and cupping, gradually, Frieda added diet consultation, Chinese exercises and life coach with her broad life experience to help her patients.

In 2012, she combined mind and soul purification with her regular treatments in order to help her patients to recover quicker without mental obstruction for slow recovering and achieve longevity with happiness and enjoyment for their lives.

In 2012, Frieda invented an external herb that can treat a lot of tough cases without intake any herbs and reduce treating time to be 1/2 to 1/6. Moreover, to convert not treatable diseases to be treatable diseases.

Such as no appetite cancer patient that cannot intake meals or herbs, with this herbal treatment, patients can recovery appetite. Without insert a tube to feed foods, there is a lot medical cost saving and do not cause any suffering for the patient. Instead, the patient feels comfortable during the treatment.

For the aids of moral cultivation, Frieda likes Di Zi Gui, Wang Feng Yi (Confucian Therapy System). Without moral cultivation, the real health is hard to reach.

Moreover, Frieda won her hypnotherapist certificate from NGH. Won an instructor from NGH one year later. She also learned NLP.

Oct 2012, Frieda discovered that everyone was born with self-healing power. She created Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing to let people recover self-healing power in minutes in general. Her unique Universal Energy Healing also combined with Universal Codes to help speed up the treatments. Meanwhile, help you open the door to your life abundances.

Frieda is doing preventive healthcare. Please click for her new treatments.

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