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Please click on Frieda’s TCM Path to understand how Frieda stepped into TCM and her path at TCM.

After 20 year’s practice in TCM, Frieda noticed that the best practice is to awaken patient’s inside. Instead of let patients rely on her treatments no matter how good or even how unique that her treatments are.

Frieda is linking ancient medicines and modern science to create new ways to treat patients.

In order to cut down medical cost and save people from diseases suffering, Frieda concentrates her energy to spread the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing.

Now, Frieda is a speaker, coach, mentor, consultant and an author. She wants to build up a most leading medical school and medical research center in a cruise ship. The cruise ship is a medical ship and serve as a Model City of Health.

Frieda’s past experiences covered: industrial engineer, production engineer, system engineer that help the top level management to solve corporation encountered management and/or broad manufacturing problems, corporation education and training supervisor in charge direct and indirect labor’s job and management needed training and education in the category of must have, better have and R&D levels, retail business ran into a wholesale business during the recession time around 1991, parenting education, FSEA 4 -12 th grader after school program instructor, etc.

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