About Frieda

About Frieda

About Frieda

Please click on Frieda’s TCM Path to understand how Frieda stepped into TCM and her path at TCM.

After more than 25 year’s practice in TCM, Frieda noticed that the best practice is to awaken patient’s inside. Instead of let patients rely on her treatments no matter how good or even how unique that her treatments are.

Frieda is linking ancient medicines and modern science to create new ways to treat patients.

In order to cut down medical cost and save people from diseases suffering, Frieda concentrates her energy to spread the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healing and the Whole Body Self-Healing System. Please visit below to get updated info.


Now, Frieda is an international speaker, coach, mentor, consultant and a international best seller author.

Now, Frieda is active on RG (Research Gate of International Researcher’s social network https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Frieda_Mah2) to discuss health care system improvements) to link with the same minded researchers to discuss how to improve and implement the world health system.

From RG, she discovered many researchers discovered western drugs hurts to the  human beings and environment. The trend is toward to the natural herbs. However, they do not know its working mechanisms. Only Chinese medicine can well explain it.

Though Ayurveda is popular in the world. However, to treat acute infectious diseases. They still need to relay on the western medicine.

Yet, many country’s ancient medicine can treat disease. But, the practitioners have no theory based upon, and they do not have a complete herbal system as Chinese medicine has. There is no persuading power to convene scholars to adopt their skills. Moreover, not like Chinese medicine was well documented, which part of the plant has toxin and which part does not have toxins. How to process the herb to rid of its toxins and/or make the herb more potent to treat diseases as well as its application contraindications.

To learn more about Chinese medicine, please visit https://www.researchgate.net/project/Natural-Healers-Digital-Library to get updated knowledge.

In order to let people understand Chinese medicine in order to save people’s lives, Frieda is working on her courses. Please sign on news and info to get notified on the right hand side. Thanks.

However, 2003 SARS, China used western medicine could not control it. Until they adopted ancient Chinese medicine Wen Bing Pai School (Warm Diseases School) treatment. SARS got controlled quickly. Until now, Aug 25 2017, western medicine still has no clue to solve the EBOLA. Yet, an acupuncturist- doctoral program student already published EBOLA treatment paper in May 2015.

Frieda’s past experiences covered: industrial engineer, production engineer, system engineer that help the top level management to solve corporation encountered management and/or broad manufacturing problems, corporation education and training supervisor in charge direct and indirect labor’s job and management needed training and education in the category of must have, better have and R&D levels, retail business ran into a wholesale business during the recession time around 1991, parenting education, FSEA 4 -12 th grader after school program instructor, etc.

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